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For many the Memorial Day weekend festivities start at Connection Royale, so all the ladies hit the malls  to find the CR outfit because the dress code is on the high end and if you don't come correct you will look bummy amongst the sexy dresses and high heels.

Though it was kept a secret until you purchased your ticket, and for us we didn't even know until and  hour before, we were quite pleased with the venue. Tatiana Night Club/Restaurant is quite suited for events of this type and size.  A stage and multiple video screens were set up, and even with all who attended, the temperature remained quite comfortable.

The likes of Richie D and ZJ Liquid of Zip FM direct from Jamaica were on hand to move the crowd with the help of NYC StartimeKid on the mic to hype the crowd.  Uptown events such as this are not known for people wining down to the ground or other such bacchanal, but with good music and beautiful women grooving, a good time is still the order of the night.  Even the 3 or so times when some of the sound system went out didn't have a negative impact on the vibe for the night.


CR is always all inclusive. This time we had to sample the food first, and the pasta and pepper shrimp provided a good foundation for all the drinking that was to follow.  There were three (3) bars, and we discovered that the one on the far end had the least amount of people, so that where we spent most of our time getting loose on the Goose!

If you didn't arrive early you found yourself on a pretty long line, because this is a well attended event, so next year step out early.  One more bartender at each bar would have shortened the wait time as well.
An All Inclusive at $45 pre-sold is standard fare for Memorial Day Weekend, and it was money well spent.

Party McFly

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>> View Connection Royale 2010 - Black Diamond Gallery