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The 2010 Ibiza season is upon us and for anyone who really knows how to party in Europe, Ibiza is a must, but tonight @EGG is a must if you are still in London. Ladies and Gents let me introduce you to Kidology London! If you are looking for a funky night out in London, somewhere where you can start to feel those Ibiza vibes then look no further than republik @ EGG!!!

Kidology is now known as one of London's unique nights out, starting the season here and jetting off to Ibiza every now and again to share the Love! So far they have held events as far a field as Thailand, Dubai, China, Russia, throughout Europe, Ibiza and of course the UK, so we can't believe this is our first experience of attending! Let us tell you something after tonight, it definitely won't be the last!!!

Tonight's event at EGG in London's Kings Cross, a venue well known for being the place you can not only party until the sun comes up but where you can keep going until it's time for Sunday lunch!!! EGG is set over several floors allowing for all tastes of music in every room; get some funky house in the main room, some tribal grooves in the garden or head up to the loft for some funky electro beats. Whichever you choose, tonight we didn't feel like we were in London but had already been transported over to the Balearics!!

EGG also has the added bonus of being easy to get to (just a stone's throw from London's King's Cross) and with easy parking too. The party starts at 10:00pm but goes straight through to 12:00pm Sunday lunchtime!!! So yes that's right people for just £12.00 in advance you can get fourteen (14) hours of non stop jamming !!

What impressed us about tonight was the crowd! Talk about vibes!!!! Everyone was out for a good time and getting up close and personal with whoever they came across! This event had potentially the most confident men in London all packed into one space!!! One man made sure he got to know some of the dancers pretty well within his first five (5) minutes of entering the venue!!! The three (3) ultra sexy dancers got the vibes going strutting their stuff on the dancing podiums in their kinky kidology playsuits and made for some great pictures!!!

Now we must say the music was off the chain tonight...some MJ mixed in with some old school house and up to date funky grooves made sure this was not a party to stand up and pose! Get on the dancefloor and feel those vibes!! DJs on rotation for the night included Kidology's Mark Wilkinson and the FG boys to name just a few. Most of this crowd were dancing like it was them alone in front of their bedroom mirrors!!! Boom!

The bar was slightly limited on choice but super easy to get a drink from any of the numerous bars at any time, and the service was awesome! Smooth, efficient and ultra quick. Absolutely no wait to fill your glass at any time during the night! EGG also had food at the small cafe on your way back to the entrance, which we didn't sample but if you were staying on to the end breakfast and maybe even lunch was sorted! Lovely Jubbly!

Now we know peeps came far and wide to experience the summer vibes from Kidology, as three (3) boys even offered us £300 to take them back to Kent at 4am! LOL...

Big up the Kidology boys, Mark and Paul, for a great night out full of vibes, summer sun and awesome funky grooves to get the IBIZA season started in style !!!

Posh Juice

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