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Three guys came together, two from Miami and one from New York, to form Natural Mystic Sounds (NMS). NMS first started as a Reggae/Dancehall, Soca and Chutney sound playing at weddings in 1996. In 1998, NMS had established clientele and crossed over into club scene. Originally Guyanese based, but recently added Trinidadian members, Ritchie is the leader of NMS. He is passionate about music, charities (Help Guyana Kids Foundation) and loves Guyanesse-Chinesse food. WOW, whoever knew these fun facts?

It is about 3:30am and the King finally arrives. Do you know who? Yes, you guess correctly Mr. Machel Montan......O!!!!!! I had the opportunity to catch up with the Soca King.

SG: Hello Machel, How are you?
MM: Feeling great.

SG: Tell me what is new and in the works with music?
MM: Well, right now I am touring doing more club scenes. I am working on music for 2011 carnival season.

SG: Are your goals on target as far as crossing over as main stream artiste?
MM: Yes, definitely. I have so many collaborations in the works with artists here (USA).

SG: How do you feel about the first female Prime Minister being elected in Trinidad?
MM: First of all, I am happy to see change in so many ways. I feel having a female will bring different aspects and hopefully positive changes in our country.

SG: What is one thing you would like your fans to know about you?
MM: That I am spiritual. I do study and practice the Hindu religion. I like how my mind, body, and spirit feel.

SG: Do you prefer Doubles or Phulorie?
Machel: Laughing... then smiling... doubles.

Can we please have some crowd control!!!! Crowd on FIRE!!!! This fete will be rated highly as Orlando top three fetes.  I mean this club was pack like a can of sardines. People shoulder to shoulder thiefin' a wine in Zen Ultra Lounge, bumpa to fenda outside back in a fence yard with NMS truck, finally into Club Lux ready to get mad.  The King of Soca, yes Mr. Machel Montano graced us with his presence performing his new hits and crowd favorites (Wining Season, Jumbie, One More Time, Big Truck, Down D’ Road and much more).

The venue is easy and accessible located on Kirkman and International Road.  PARKING LOT the city or owner needs to reconfigure, design, and construct some much needed parking spaces. I parked in a field with no lights, grass/weeds to my knees hoping I would not step on a snake or ant pile. The venue inside had beautiful crystal chandeliers and fabric drape on ceilings. Patrons in VIP lounged on white leather couches drinking Johnnie and Goose.

I walked in from the Island Boys All-Inclusive fete around 2:15am... the vibes were blazing. Orlando can you say mo……. FIRE!!!!!!!!!! DJ’s fired both rooms/outside with so much heat, and Machel added MO… FIRE… MO…FIRE… where I could not even control my fever and the crowd temperature off the radar.

The bar line..... HORRENDOUS!!  Bartenders pouring glasses and popping bottles non-stop. The waitresses serving the VIP area running back and forth to please and serve their guests.  

Additional security was needed, but the number of security who was staffed must commend on great service. 

The cost was only $20.00 in advance!!!!  Spectacular entertainment, blazing vibes, and a FIRING crowd ready for the road in seven hours.  

Trisha aka Sultry Gyal

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>> View No Behavior 'Machel Montano HD Live' Gallery
>> View Orlando Carnival 2010 Coverage