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Orlando Island Boys All Inclusive - Passport To A Good Time Review
By Trisha aka Sultry Gyul
Published on 29-May-10
Orlando Boys is back with the most anticipated fete Orlando Carnival Season. These men are still helping the community. I must say when they throw a party it is definitely for a purpose and not for their own ...

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Orlando Boys is back with the most anticipated fete Orlando Carnival Season. These men are still helping the community. I must say, when they throw a party, it is definitely for a purpose and not for their own personal benefit. So why not come out and fete for a good cause and give back to to those in.

Island Boys has a loyal following and one of the wickedest crowds I've ever seen in Orlando. The fete is one of the best and well respected fetes during carnival weekend that one shouldn't miss. If you never attended, don't stick come 2011! This year Orlando Island Boys All Inclusive featured Caribbean artistes Lyrikal, D’Hitman and Johnny King. And fortunately, I had the opportunity to catch up with both Lyrikal and Hitman!

Let's chat with TnT Chutney star D'Hitman...

SG: Hitman ... hello
D’Hitman: Hello

SG: What is new and innovating for you?
D’Hitman:  Well um... in this entertainment business I'm always trying something new, and trying to break new grounds. Traveling is so hectic right now. For the longest while, I have no time to go in the studio, but I have some collaborations coming up. Trying to take the music a next step further. This summer will be exciting and different!

SG: Have you done Dancehall?
D’Hitman: No, I haven't done any Dancehall music yet.

SG: Who would you like to collaborate with for Dancehall?
D’Hitman:  I work with a lot of Jamaican artistes, especially when I travel to Guyana. We did shows with Busy Signal, Mr. Vegas and Beenie Man. I think Vegas would do a good Chutney remix... and Busy Signal; all these guys have their own style.

SG: How do you feel about first female Prime Minister being elected in Trinidad?
D’Hitman: I am very proud. I am very proud of Trinbagonian people. The world learned a great lot from Obama. Obama did not win by race, he won by issues that affected the people. At the time right now, in our history... I believe the country voted for change. Behind every good man is a good woman.  Trinidad & Tobago will be a world class and we don’t have to wait until 2020 ... change done start already!

SG: What is something you would like your fans to know about you?
D’Hitman: I am religious guys. I stick to my roots.

SG: Do you prefer Doubles or Phulorie?
D’Hitman: I love doubles! Laughing....

SG: Thank you


Time to find out what NY based, Trinidadian artiste Lyrikal is saying these days...

SG: Hello Lyrikal. How are you?
Lyrikal: Right now, soaking up all the love from ours fans and DJ’s. We just traveling and spreading our wings right now. We have a lot of new stuff coming out. Right now currently just release a new song called "Enjoying Myself" we produced in the Virgin Islands. Another tune, "Ramajay" being released one week or two from now. We just doing shows and working hard in the studio.

SG: Tell me a little about Ramajay? What was the concept?
Lyrikal: You know Ramajay is a word of meaning partying and enjoying yourself basically. I really did this song especially for a particular band which is Ramajay Mas in Brooklyn on Eastern Parkway. I did it as regular song on the Sumba Rhythm in which is coming out in St. Vincent in about two weeks. Big up Andrew Sutherland who produce the rhythm and everybody else who was on the rhythm.  Ramajay definitely be something for people to enjoy. It a different song, it the new song of soca, has actually techno bass inside the actual song.

SG: Could you give me acapella?
Lyrikal: (sings song for 20 seconds)
SG: WOW, I like this a lot! Who would like to collaborate with?
Lyrikal: Machel

SG: What is favorite Machel song right now?
Lyrikal: Smiling... "Thiefin'"

SG: Who is your mentor?
Lyrikal: God, yeah, God!  Everything I do staying on positive note.

SG: What playing in iPod?
Lyrikal:  Lyrikal stands for versatility... Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Bob Marley, Lil’ Wayne ... all Soca I love

SG: What would you like your fans to know about you?
Lyrikal: I am shy, but not to music.
SG: Are you shy to women?  Smiling ... I don't think so....
Lyrikal: Laughing .... Music expresses my aggression and scandalous front towards the ladies. But really, I'm laid back ... smiling

SG: Thank you
D' Backyard is definitely the place to be for Florida spring and summer fetes. There is plenty of space for people to dip, bend, back, low and ... yes, behave wicked! Parking is no hassle. And very key, one does not need to worry about nearby neighbors or cops shouting the party down.

The vibes just wicked. Big ups to Powerline Sounds HD who always do what they do best ... spin the tables to the latest and crowd favorites ... old and new soca, reggae, and chutney tracks. I am telling you... these partygoers heads were bad (and nice at the sametime). From the time I walked in, the champagne booth was on my right, well I took a detour and had about four to five cups before even touring the vicinity! :-)

I was a bartender for 15 minutes.  Socaholics yelling Johnnie! So I picked up the Johnnie Walker bottle and waved in the air, "Who wants Johnnie? Come over here!" Then I picked up cranberry and vodka and waved!! The experience fun and exciting. Let's not forget the key word ALL-INCLUSIVE. We here to drink Johnnie, Vodka, Hennessey, Carib, Corona, Heineken and more!! The intoxication of the people and the intoxicated livers needless to say.  The line was long for bake and saltfish, phulorie, roti, curry chicken and all of one's favorite West Indian foods.

Orlando police department kept the party safe and secure. Plus, this crowd is way to civil to have any type of violence.

$50.00 in advance. Let's just do the math. If you go to the club scene one drink - $7.00. You lime with your padnah now multiply by 2 - $14.00. This is just one rounds so by the time you drink four rounds - $56.00, with no food yet! The value for money spent at this All Inclusive is a def a win-win situation. Please give me 4-5 glasses of champagne, 2 carob, plus food!! Thanks!

Large up Orlando Island Boys everytime!

Sultry Gyul
Live, Love, Lime

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