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Eight beautiful ladies of St. Lucian heritage, competing for the crown, trotting their stuff on stage, and showcasing their talents. Sweet women, representing one of many sweet Caribbean islands. Gotta love it!

A night of pure Lucian culture, passion, talent, entertainment and of course, competition. Each contestant introduced themselves to start the ball rolling, then some swim suit modelling followed (highlight of the night. Woo!), then they each had to perform and show-off whatever talent the possessed; dancing, singing, poetry and even playing a bit of steel-pan. Yes, they pulled it off. The final step for the contestants was to model their lovely gowns. Gorgeous! Heard some Oooos and Aaaaahs from the ladies in the audience, whistling from the fellas.

Overall, well done to all eight contestants, and congratulations to 20 year old Tahnee Hippolyte, on securing the title of Miss St. Lucia UK 2010.

The night was long, possibly because of delays due to technical difficulties, throughout. But besides the girls showing off their stuff, tonights entertainment also included special performances by Jah Mirikle and Fate Sisters UK.

Well done ladies. TJJ looks forward to what the Miss St. Lucia UK Pageant will have in store for us next year!

Phresh Juice

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>> View Miss St. Lucia UK Pageant 2010 Gallery