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Rhythmatic as always had some lovely ladies! Funky outfits, great personalties and talk about love a camera! What more can we ask for? This was a fun and funky crowd, clearly here for the love of the music and freely dancing around in any space they could find. We don't know how it is that Rhythmatic always seems to attract the most hilarious guys, but they do... drunk or sober this crowd was pure ENTERTAINMENT!

OK so we are in a car park ? Weird huh... we get the concept, kinda warehouse, underground style where it's all about the music and lighting. However, being in a car park meant two things! 1) The man made bars which equalled drinks spilt on the floor and 2) Posh Juice falling over several times!! :-( It also meant portaloos... oh gawd! We don't need to tell any ladies what portaloos in the dark mean... right!!! Having said that, for a car park it was surprisingly easy to find!!

Rhythmatic/ Double Trouble productions are known for always having an awesome collection of DJs and tonight was certainly no different. Two rooms with 2 sets of musical vibes meant you could take your pick of the top DJs on rotation all night long. In the main room you were treated to a 4 hour exclusive from Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour), B2B Davide Squillace (Hideout), Steller (Alex Celler & Stathis Lazarides), Betoko (Rhythmatic, OKO Recordings, Wow! Recs). The second room, complete with a DJ set played from the back of a Corona truck (nice touch!) gave us some Rhythmatic favourites including Wesley Razzy and Rico Novo. Everyone came out to enjoy the music and from getting your face painted, to jumping on top the Corona truck and dancing, there was no one who wanted to sit down. The music pumping in the main room drew most of the crowd and meant it almost impossible to get through the room. All you were seeing was hands in the air!!!

Didn't look like there was any food, but let's just say this was a crowd not interested in eating anyway! They came to drink and party! The venue had 2 man made bars with plenty of stocks of drinks to choose from, although the drink of the night was definitely a Corona!!

How could we not love the service from the Double Trouble team!!! As always, top service, no wait, no lines and a smiley face at every corner!!

No guest list for this event, all about buying tickets online or at the door on the night. Price was £15 in advance, more at the door. £15 for a top set of House DJs was definitely worth and as most people came for the music, job done!!!!

Posh Juice for the TJJ fam

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>> View Rhythmatic Presents Cavo Paradiso Gallery