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The Outback Experience ... well this fete going on for as long as we know we self! This year marks the 9th installment of the event for those of you who didn’t know. TJJ knows this because we have been on the Outback trail since the likes of 2005. Continuing with the history lesson... for the past couple of years the party’s stomping grounds has been Pier II. This year things changed a bit and patrons once again had to return to the “follow the signs” policy in order to find the venue.

Well we are not sure if everybody got lost and ended up in the same place, or if it was all a matter of coincidence, but on arrival the parking lot was already maxed out! Now standing here looking around, we could see the Outback signs and we could all the patrons’ cars, but still … where is the party??!! Knowing the terrain, the only place to hold a party of this magnitude was way ... way up the road, and boy walking from the parking lot to the party’s entrance ... ha ha, a long trek! Then in the distance came a saving ray of light ... actually it was just the headlights of a yellow band maxi lol, tonight’s shuttle service and we were more than glad to see them.

Stepping inside, the place looked like a huge outdoor disco-tech complete with fancy lighting, smoke machines and laser lights beaming green crazy patterns unto the crowd. Promotion tents of various colors ran the full lengths of both the right and left sides of the venue. At the opposite end from the entrance was also another bar, and above that was the DJ booth which overlooked the entire party.

The DJs for the night playing in the following order started with XTC, followed by DJ Dane & Sachy and then Signal To Noise who closed the dance off. Big up to all of them ... they kept the party vibes alive all night long! Now being a free drinks party, we believe it’s always a must to give an account of how things went by the bar. That being said ... we appreciated and loved the fact that there was never any real wait or line to get a drink. Also the bar staff that we personally dealt with during the course of the night was very hospitable as well. Lastly as promised, there was quite a large variety of premium alcohol to choose from ranging from Scotch, Rum, Beer, Vodka, Hennessy, Wine, Hard Wine, Tequila, Cocktails, Malibu, Gin to even shots. On the other hand, Green Sands, Coconut Water and light refreshments were available for the non-drinkers. The only thing they didn’t supply at the bar was “designated drivers” ... lol!

At 4:30 AM we observed some men clad in green toting some huge drums through the crowd. This immediately signaled that the party was in its closing phase, as it has now become the norm to end things off with the sounds of iron and steel. The Laventille Rhythm Section came and beat their hearts out as patrons chipped, gyrated and wined to the pulsating beat, almost as if they didn’t intend on going home until the sun came up. So might have been the intention, but when the beating of instruments stopped ... all man jack headed out, ending another successful edition of Outback.

d’ Local Juice

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>> View Outback 'Lost Edition' Gallery