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This lime isn't called Freeky Friday for nothing!  The amount of "waist  pelting" that occurs holding up walls or dead in the middle of the dancefloor, you would swear folks have never been out before! Level bacchanal!!! This was the Mayfair Edition so for some reason folks were extra hyped.

If you've been looking for people you haven't seen in a long time, you would have definitely found them here.  The crowd was a refreshing change.  A great mix of the social butterflies and the hibernators. Now Visions is not a dance-hall so it is not very big and has a backyard to get your chat on, but was appropriate for this vibe.  As soon as you enter you can grab a table or bar stool "if you're early" and enjoy some of the drink specials.  Hey, that's what we did early o'clock.  Did someone say $1 Tequila shots??  If Tequila is not your thing, the bar is fully stocked with any of your favortie top shelf liquors. 

Eventually the place was ram cram but not before we got in a few good sessions of sweet Soca, Reggae, Hip hop and Old School to warm you up compliments of Freeks for Soca. Remember your Mayfair and school Bazaar days??  Big chunes from those times were the order!

Ram (of Ram's Roti shop) has taken up residence in the back bubbling a lil something every Friday from Corn Soup to Bake and Shark to BBQ! And this Friday was no exception.  BTW, for future reference... eat earrrlllyyyy!

Oh and I know everyone is counting their $$ but have no fear Freeky Friday's are FREE!  BESS! So I know some of you missed out this session, pobre sito... have no fear... Freeky Friday is every Friday!  Doh stick nah!

Extra special thanks to our fabulous hosts Shonda and G!  ;-)

- Petite Juice

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>> View Freaky Friday Mayfair Edition Gallery