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Callaloo Cruise sailed to India this year, and the trip was filled with a bunch of unfamiliar faces. Where did all these people come out from!? Some of you could have came out in a little more style. It was a bit chilly out that night but females in sweatsuits and sneakers . . . it shouldn't have been an option. They were definitely not the TJJ regulars. There were a few of our friends peppered in the mix, like the 2B family that we usually party it up with out in Queens! They kept us company on this interesting ride.

Its always easy getting to the piers out in Sheepshead Bay, but its never easy finding a park out there. A tad bit easier when we're out there at the crack of dawn for a breakfast boatride or early mornin lime, but Friday night, when the Sheepshead Bay natives are all out having Sushi. . . Forget about it! The Jersey Shore type boys in Mustangs, Benz's and BMWs took up all of the parking spaces on the strip. We circled for sometime but luck struck after quite a few explitives. The parking gods were in our favor. We surprisingly found a parking spot right infront of the boat!

A long time we haven't come across a boatride, nor party that had music like this. We usually get the same music, and the same mix each and everytime. It was good to be able to enjoy the tunes that we dont get to enjoy regularly. The soca and reggae tunes that rarely get played. Both old and new. We couldnt figure out the last time we vibed to some Bob Marley tunes in a party. Its been a little while. People were definitely feelin' it, thanks to Massive Productions, Musical Mix, Trini Boom, Fabulous One and a large line up of guest DJs. Can't forget the performances! It was straight out of a Bollywood film! Almost forgot we were still in Brooklyn. Shout out to homeboy who felt the beat of the drums and released his African roots in the middle of the floor. Another big shout out to the dude sleepin', yet still managin to wine on his woman! . . . Did the alcohol do that?

Plenty off food! I had oil down earlier that day, but OH GOSH! The smell of the food encouraged the always hungry fat girl inside of me to eat more! Of course there was callaloo on the menu, barbecue chicken, rice and peas, a fresh nicely decorated garden salad, and of course there was some Indian flavor with curry and pelouri. Mmmm, it would have been so much better if it wasn't cold! :( 

Thankfully we did not have to wait on any of the long lines for the entire night. Security was still a breeze, althought they are still taking away people's gum. We were definitely taken care of on the boat as well when it came to food galore! :-)

$40 for a cruise filled with food and great music was definitely worth it!

Junior Juice for the TJJ fam

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