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So I got to give a huge shout out to the DJs, they did their thing and of course the "Dame Du Show' girls for putting together the event.
Not a very big turn out for this event but those who attended made that quickly forgotten. Yes indeed, a very lively crowd, I also have to say a balance crowd, I can't remember the last time I saw an even number of male and females, normally it's 75% female at these raves, but I guess the guys them got excited when they heard 'Candy Floss'.

TJJ had a little adventure getting to the venue. We met a few TJJ fans, who showed us much love and actually set the stage for us. 'The Fence' is a small but trendy venue with a very big backyard, yes mi seh backyard. A pretty decent layout, very clean and presentable. The only thing that ruin this venue a little bit for me is the character of the bar, little to none alcohol display, this is a feature that sets a vibrant atmosphere for a venue, that definitely needs some work.

This event had a medium vibes, I didn't feel sleepy nor over hyped. The DJs definitely held the crowd, I can't say there was a moment when no one was dancing, so big shout out to the DJs, the promotors got that part on point.

The only food on the menu was 'candy floss' which I believe was free because TJJ was provided with more than what our sweet-tooths can manage, although I did over heard someone saying it was £5, which I doubt, that would be some expensive 'candy floss'. The drinks were average city prices or a little bit cheaper, because everyone on the night had a glass in there hand and the glass levels didn't look static. 

The service was very good which is an upside for the event. Staff were very friendly, bouncers weren't too aggressive and the promoters were all in short distance to see to it that everything went smooth which it did. So I got to give a big shout out to the promoters - 'Dame Du Show', you ladies operated very well.

The ravers got their money's worth, there weren't anything to complain about apart from it not being a massive turn out, but I don't believe that was an issue since everyone was kept occupied by the DJs.

-Ali T

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