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Much love all the time to Natalie for making the TJJ family apart of every event she has, and we're always happy to be there. Its been another year of Cribs and we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next. Tony Cross mentioned taking Cribs on the Water . . . I think he might be onto something! It sailing season and we are ready!
Everyone seemed to be at Cribs on Fathers Day evening. By dusk, Volume 2 mas camp was packed with a trailor load of sexiness. Some came out with the retro vibe, afro puffs and all! Others in their golden clad, and others just pulled the hottest outfits out of their closets for the night. Some came supporting their World Cup teams, sporting Brazil and Argentina jerseys ( I made sure to have a few words with them, some friendly fire ) ;)  Lots of beautiful faces filled the scene, and of course, a majority of them were our TJJ regulars.

Volume 2 mas camp is going to be a venue we will be visiting often throughout the summer. One of those spacious spots in Brooklyn to enjoy a nice backyard style fete. Wide open space, with cool evening breeze occasionally passing through on a 90 degree summer evening. Volume 2 was draped in gold decor with a 70s theme. Hints of mini discs and vinyl records hung above partygoers and added a lil pizzazz to the open yard.

This was surely a social event. Not too much wining down low, palancin and bumper to fender action. A lot of people came just to have some drinks, enjoy the company of their friends and take in the music provided by a large line up of DJs. Music was not only throwback tunes, there was a great mixture thanks to Notorious, Anonymous, Back 2 Basics and Sounds 4 Life. The dancers up on the two bars and the stage brought the party to life, and added some extra energy to the scene.

BAR WAS WELL STOCKED. SOOOO MUCH JOHNNY ON DECK! Of course people bought drinks by the bottle. There were so many buckets of drinks on ice on the ground; it got pretty hard to walk around freely. There was an adult twist to a child's favorite treat, with Johnny Walker Snow Cones available at the back. Some huge,luscious, juicy lookin lobsters and crab legs had its own set up. Then way to the back was a lot of food. There was no way you could cry out hunger at Cribs!

-Junior Juice

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>> View Cribs: Solid Gold Edition Gallery