5 Minutes With Sean KingstonNot even the torrential downpour of rain and massive flooding in New York could keep us away from Sean Kingston's first ever performance in Queens, NY at Maracas Nightclub and let me tell you, it was it a night to remember! The ladies were out in full effect to catch a glimpse of the one and only. Big up to Queens for showing their support! After his great performance, TJJ put the teen sensation in the hot seat to get to know him a little better.

Cindy: Now, I have to ask because all of us at TJJ were wondering about this for awhile now.
Sean Kingston: (he smiles) What?
Cindy: That Crayola Crayon Box chain you wear, is it heavy?
Sean Kingston: I don't really know how much it weighs, but yes it's kind of heavy to wear.

Cindy: What is the one thing you can't live without when you're on tour?
Sean Kingston: My Sidekick!

Cindy: If you were a car what kind of car would you be?
Sean Kingston: Oh, it would definitely be a Lamborghini!
Cindy: Is that what you're driving these days?
Sean Kingston: (he smiles) Yeah, of course!

Cindy: What is in your pocket? (Sean looks taken aback, I love how people react to that question!)
Sean Kingston: At the moment, my Sidekick--
Cindy: Yes, your lifeline
Sean Kingston: And my wallet.

Cindy: Basketball or Soccer?
Sean Kingston: Gotta go with Basketball!

Cindy: Jamaica or Miami?
Sean Kingston: Miami ... No wait let me change that, Jamaica!
*Sean was born in Miami, but raised in Kingston.

Cindy: Who are you planning on working with next?
Sean Kingston: Kanye West
Cindy: Hot!

Cindy: Who are you jamming to right now?
Sean Kingston: Akon, Lil Wayne and Biggie

Even after our interview, Sean made his way around the club to greet everyone, signed autographs and even took pictures with all the partygoers. It was really refreshing to see an artist connect with his fans and not run out the door. Large up Sean Kingston! We can't wait to see what you're going to do next!

- Picture Dis Juice