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The carnival officially start.....especially when Caribunited and Wynah Krew brings together such a beautiful group of glassy party goers to the annual fete, Islands in the Sun. Everyone looked marvelous.

Let me tell you, the venue was out there but easy to find and WELL WORTH the drive. Parking was a breeze, sufficient, and the gentlemen working the parking were polite. The midsummer pool side venue was smaller than past years but it was exactly what was needed for this party. The lighting from the pool when the lights went low was the perfect invitation to hop in, which many rsvp'd to.

The vibes was real nice, the mix of beautiful people, amazing music (big up sprang international and Mr. Majestic) and a gorgeous venue, throw in the premium drinks,  great food and the ladies in red serving shot....all made for a quality nite...the carnival officially start.

Food - two island boys provided some real delicious tasting food. I think i went back 3 times (dont tell no one). Food was nice, people servicing the food was nice, the whole party was nice.

Drinks - well the party was all inclusive and the drinks were flowing. service was quick and the drinks were strong. I was a little upset the scotch ran out but by that time too many ppl was nice to bother.


Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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