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The crowd was packed with beautiful girls and wild party goers. Everyone danced, sang and had a great time. Not even pouring rain could've stopped these guys. Didn't see any fights, and the police/firemen presence was nice.

The place was clean and cool, and the perfect size. Parking and entering were the only problems, but by half past 12 or so, everyone was inside and having a great night.

Rel Wildness! Everyone was dancing the entire night. Dj 4Play, Dj Domo & Marcus Williams lashed out hit after hit and had the crowd going whole night. Rain couldn't even slow down this crowd. Generous bumsee for all the single guys!

Though it was a cooler party, the bar had a good stock of alco at reasonable prices. It was a chit system without much hassle to get anything at the bar. Free tasty gyros and doubles without much of a line. And free shots on the hour!

Very secure and efficient staff. The only problem was the waiting time to get in.

Worth every cent. Too bad that not everyone could get in.


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