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Food Insurance? Check. I ate free doubles and I enjoyed it.
Ice Cream Insurance? Check. I ate free Flavourite Ice Cream. Life is Good.
Free Corona Beer and Free Tequila Shots.
So much free thing in a Cooler Party.

Blaque Phoenixx Entertainment set the bar for Cooler Parties in Trinidad. Bring your coolers and get plenty free thing to carry out of your Coolers. I’m sure they would be proud to say that Red Bull powered the partygoers wining. Compared to other Cooler parties this was truly a different experience as it had a nice Gecko teaching the patrons how to wine and apparently a baby Gecko came from the hard gyrating because somehow in the mix I was seeing 2 Geckos and I didn’t event drink alcohol that night.

With over 1000 people in St. John’s by a promotion committee geared towards UWI students we can’t wait to see the next Insurance and I must say TJJ is insured.

Matter of fact we have a lifetime Insurance Policy for all BP Events.

Jonathan Mark©

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>> View Insurance 2.5 Gallery