5 Minutes With SwappiTnT Carnival 2010 done, so you know what that means for Toronto??!! Yes, it's time for Dr. Jay's Annual Return Fete!! And as expected, the bill was lined up with all of the artistes that enjoyed a successfull carnival season. Let's catch up with new comer Swappi, who's 2010 hit "Nah Go Play" continues to do major damage in the party circuits. 5 Minutes With Swappi starts now!

Mizz Kayz: Okay... so first of all, single or taken?
Swappi: Single

Mizz Kayz: Where did you get the name Swappi from?
Swappi: Swappi, it's more like an evolution to 'Swankie'. If you ever hear the term 'Swankie' like when somebody use as a reference that yuh nice...
Mizz Kayz: Yeah yeah Swankie!
Swappi: But it's an upgrade now...
Mizz Kayz: Oh and you're the male version of it, you 'Swappi'!!
Swappi: Yeah, yeah... Swappi... Swappalicious, extra Swappiness

Mizz Kayz: How you spell Swappi?
Swappi: Swappi is S-W-A-P-P-I ... not ah "e" and not ah "y"!

Mizz Kayz: What do you think is the secret to a good wine?
Swappi: Ah good wine? Hmmm ... good music. Yeah, good music!
Mizz Kayz: Feeling de rhythm?.
Swappi: Yeah, feeling de rhythm.

Mizz Kayz: What defines a good fete? What would make you say "Yes that was ah bess fete!!" Now that's outside ah you mashin' up the place?" :-)
Swappi: Yeah
Mizz Kayz: What would you call it? What would you think?
Swappi: You know... everything.... preparation, everything intact.... who plays, tight security yuh know and just having fun, plenty vibes.

Mizz Kayz: What is something your fans don't know about you?
Swappi: That I am a member of Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force.
Mizz Kayz: Really? Are you kidding?
Swappi: I am a volunteer.
Mizz Kayz: Oh my gosh
Swappi: I play music in the Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force band ... so a lot of fans doh know that about me.
Mizz Kayz: That is so awesome! Okay, I'm learning something new.

Mizz Kayz: What do you have in your pocket right now?
Swappi: What I have in my pocket right now? Some Gum, some money and my phone…. my BlackBerry.
Mizz Kayz: Alright, cause yuh have to have de BlackBerry
Swappi: Must have dat Blackberry!

Mizz Kayz: What's the best part of performing for you?
Swappi: Hmm, seeing the smiling …. seeing the smiles on all of the fans face. Yeah.
Mizz Kayz: I bet that just tops it off for you...
Swappi: Yes, Yes.

Mizz Kayz: And how did you come up with this jam? What made you want to?
Swappi: De rhythm!! De rhythm alone... it captivate me and seeing the girls dance to the rhythm. It make me come on to the concept and the song, "Dis Gyal"

Mizz Kayz: And what are you listening to on your iPod right now?
Swappi: On my iPod? Well I don't have an iPod but...
Mizz Kayz: You have an mp3 player?
Swappi: Yes, on my BlackBerry. I more or less listen to my song over and over and over again (laughter) because now I want to perfect my performance.
Mizz Kayz: Of course, immaculate.
Swappi: Ah doh really like being in tune with anybody else's song that much, yuh know?
Mizz Kayz: Yes, you're just focusing on you and not any other artists.

Well Swappi ... that's it! Thanks for chatting with us.

-Mizz Kayz