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Thinking back on this event I'm really depressed. My time in there was soo short ;-( Because of a few misunderstandings I arrived to Xen probably 20 mins before it was finished. On a good note  however my short time was very sweet ;-) Next year I'm not sticking nah. I'll be opening this event for sure. I'm still highly upset I can't even write anymore... lol

Lot's an lot's of cuties! In the 20 mins I enjoyed at XEN, I definitely spotted a lot of eye candy. With three rooms plus an outdoor deck full, this event was more than successful. Well done guys!

I loved the venue ... it was huge. 3 big rooms plus an outdoor area. We need more venues like this in NY man.

From way down the block, I could feel the vibes at this event. As soon as we found a park we saw people rhell jamming from the outside. And although I only got to thief ah half a wine and a jook, it was still better than none at all.

As soon as I walked in the DJ announced that the bar was closed ... big steupsss. Then again, I can't complain. That's what I get for arriving at super star times.

Service was a breeze. I spent less than 2 seconds by the door to get on the inside.

I'm not too sure about the price, but I bet it wasn't more that $20 bucks though ... which isn't too bad for a carnival fete.

-Text-A-Holic Juice

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>> View XEN 'DC Carnival Block Party' Gallery
>> View DC Carnival 2010 Coverage