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So where were you last Saturday 03rd July 2010 ? Maybe you were sleeping after a tough friday night, or watching the world cup match Argentina - Germany (so sad for Argentina....). Well, I was busy partying on a paradise beach! The Club Med was host last weekend to a fantastic and amazing beach party, a great start for the summertime season. The hottest girls…the coolest guys…just to tease you up, it was the biggest beach party I have ever seen down here.
It was a celebration around the famous brand MERCURY engine, 2 words my friends WHATTA DAY !!!
The beach of the club ""LO""  welcomed us with a bright sun at 9am, hey hey no time to rest after your friday night fever, it's that time again to party hard on the sand.

Now let me take a moment to describe this MERCURY BEACH. Plenty Plenty speedboats powered with Mercury from Martinique and even St Lucia, I can tell you that there was huge traffic on the water, hard to find a little place to throw up your anchor, incredible weather and some of the best DJs to mash up the place, Over a thousand people, and some of the sexiest women in... BIKINIS, HOT BIKINIS, SEXY AND SMALL BIKINIS, geeezzz I love this word, sunscreen is a ""must"", full up your cup ... and then start to have a good time and to wine on anything .... Charge Up !!!!

You could tell that everybody was excited by this beach party, it was a sold out event, and seeing the happy faces everywhere on the beach, I think Club Med was just the place to be this saturday.

A big thank you must go out to West Indies Production and all the sponsors for putting on such a great event for the Mercury fans this past weekend. For the first time in Martinique, they tried to honor this brand and did a great job, the organization was on fire, nah seriously, there is nothing but fantastic things to say about the sound system, the security, emergency assistance. The beach was cleaned all day long, lots of animation and stands around the place, and a bombastic ambiance thanks to their dj's and the foam.

Let's try to remember this day at club, hard ting with all the liquor friends served all day, and maybe because it's a martinican habit, but it's impossible to refuse lol, soooo let's go. Most of the people came by the sea with their speedboats or yacht but I decided to travel by car.
The organization gave me this favor because for the rest of the crowd, the only one access was by the sea. A system of shuttle via the close marina of ""Le Marin"" was bringing you to the beach. Starting early morning at 9am, by 12, I can testify that there were almost 1500 people on the beach. The weather was awesome and the sun showed up all day long with a sweet breeze , the bay of St Anne was breathtaking in its beauty, the water was calm, warm and clear.

Let's talk about the ambiance and DE VIBEZZZZ ...
Oh Geeeeezzzz ! Can I Say it, when it's about beach party, you can be sure that the ladies are coming like models on a scene, between who have the sexiest uniform or bikinis, it's hard to have your eyes not shinning like diamonds. The crowd is full of beautiful girls and happy people everywhere ! If you were not ready to show up your beauty, you had the choice to get a professional make up or to buy smally smally brazilian bikinis on the site.

The talented DJ Djeda and others guest djs made a great performance and mashed up the place in every sense, the broken couch and beds can tell you that.You could be dancing by yourself, or on an object or even with a human, I think everybody had a blast until the end at 5pm.
All Crews and Crews linked up and were liming on their boat, on the beach, in the water, with their coolers full of liquids, or by the bar, SMILE ON EVERY FACES.
A little hungry, lick your fingers and get your sushi on a stand. In need of soft drinks : get it free and pick them up in a local sail boat called ""Yole"", In need of Champagne or Wine ""Rosé"", you already know, ask the barmen or barwomen. I think the organisation thought about everything, big up !

So thank you to all the Mercury fans out there, the organisation and the sponsors for making this all possible. There was a lot of action all day and everybody was very happy about this event.
See you next year for the 2nd edition, I don't know about you but ah already dey !!

-Frenchie Juice

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