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No summer is ever complete without one of the hottest boat rides of the summer, Basic Sundaze. This year there was a little twist, some of the hottest promoters in Brooklyn came together for Basic Madness, and it was EXACTLY THAT! Brooklyn's sexiest partygoers came out bright and early to engage in some bad behavior, to get their Independence Day started.

It was definitely one of the hottest days of the summer, Im convinced! The temps were reaching 100+ degrees and the sun was scorching. Perfect weather to engage in some bacchanal. Hot sun and liquor, ummm How could you go wrong!? Man Wining On Anything! Woman Wining On Anything! The real vibe was set by the line up of DJs, Stylz, Natural Freaks, Sounds 4 Life and Back 2 Basics, who got a conga line started around the boat. . .proven fact : drunk people have very poor coordination. There was plenty of bumpers rollin’, whinnin down low, and a bit of daggerin. The Maracas girls were onboard and served up some sexy, getting ready for their Beach House style fete coming up in August.

The line downstairs for food was ridiculously long, thanks to the amazing food by Mama J's Sweethand. The bars were fully stocked with top shelf liquor and the bartenders were not cheap at all, those drinks were pretty strong. . . NICE!

-Junior Juice

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>> View Basic Madness Boat Ride Gallery