Golden Seed Film Development Company previews its new stage production – THE GOLDEN SEED, written and directed by Ras Leon Saul during RASTAFEST on July 16 at 8 p.m. and July 18 at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the York Woods Library Theatre, 1785 Finch Avenue W.

"The Golden Seed" is a coming-of-age action/drama story of 18-year old mixed-race Canadian singer Hope Banigan's quest to find her true identity and her roots, while proving herself worthy to her father Paul Banigan who wants to build a dream "green" car made of hemp!

Hope's destiny is affected following an argument with her parents. She leaves the shelter of her Toronto home, and meets up with Shango - the Music Producer at the Golden Galaxy Empire Recording Studio. Shango invites Hope to the studio where he reveals to her some secrets pertaining to his African/Chinese ancestry and Hope’s future.

Meanwhile, the Canadian and American auto industries are on the brink of collapse. Hope's father - Paul along with his ex-GM partner Obatala Moses and his wife Yemaya, believe the answer to the survival of the important North American auto industry lies in the hemp plant..."green" cars using a "green" fuel all made from hemp!

Paul Banigan and Obatala Moses fabricate a scheme to raise US$10 million to create a prototype of their dream "green” car made out of hemp - against the wishes of Paul’s wife Portia who has her dream of going to Guyana to find gold!

Hope is kidnapped by escaped gangsters Yen and Yan on the orders of the wily and dreaded Dr. Ching aka the Godfather, who has escaped from the police in Chongging, China. He wants the patent to the “green" hemp car, and also needs to get the secret formula for hemp oil to establish a new auto industry in China.

Dr. Ching intends to use Hope as a bargaining chip and ransom her for the important documents pertaining to the development and mass manufacture of the hemp car. Finally, Paul Banigan is helped by Obatala and Shango, who suddenly comes up with a "golden" scheme to rescue Hope.



* DR. CHING aka the GODFATHER - CEO of the Dragon Bank of Mainland China (DBMC) - A tough, scheming bank magnate and gangster on the run – PAT CHANDERBHAN

* YEN & YAN - Two associates and bodyguards of Dr. Ching, who are also tough and smart “business enforcers” – KADEEM & MR. FRESH

* HOPE BANIGAN - 18-year old rebellious mixed-race Canadian singer/dancer, and adopted daughter of Paul and Portia Banigan – CRYSTAL JAMES-STUART

* PEARLY - The Banigan’s Caribbean live-in housekeeper – NZINGHA SAUL

* PORTIA BANIGAN - Attractive middle-aged White Canadian socialite addicted to drugs and alcohol – WENDY BELCOURT

* PAUL JOSIAH BANIGAN – Black middle-aged ex-GM worker originally from Guyana, who is an ambitious investor – BRAD JORDAN

* OBATALA MOSES - Enterprising Nigerian inventor and builder of the "green hemp car" – MARK DWYER

* YEMAYA MOSES - The beautiful and brilliant designer of the "green car" and a hemp expert – SANDRA MAHARAJ

* LI MIN SHANG aka SHANGO – Music Producer at the Golden Galaxy Empire Recording Studio – RAS LEON

RCMP Narcotics Undercover Officer – ROSINA NOEL