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The Lime Flavor running short on sleep and they put me to do this review ... LOL. TJJ is running back to back from DC to Houston and building more pace. "During Carnival, if you get 2 hours of sleep, yuh do good!" So two hours it is!!  When you tired is like you drunk so everyone looking real nice to me.  Everyone lovely in the white and it pure vibes. As I like to say, dance comfortably ram.

Congrats to Houston Caribfest. They really made dramatic improvement on the venue.  What wonders a bag of cold air brings to a people eager to get their party (scrubbing/wining/grinding) on.  This venue supported 2 live sound systems, the stage, Rupee, Alison Hinds, Rikki Jai, The Request Band, JW and plancing fans with out fogging up our camera lenses this year.  Besides, it have real vendors outside and the makings of what seem to be super bowl scale tailgating in the parking lot. I giving this endorsement for FREE... 'Cool Runnings' have some Jerk that really hits the spot! After doing my first jerk chicken on Thursday, I knew that I would be eating Jerk all weekend!

Rupee, Rikki Jai, Alison Hinds and JW & Blaze (less Blaze) all had the vibes rolling. Rhythm International with MCs Fire Kyle and NYC's Wassy kept things on track with rolling energy level high.  Really big respect goes out to The Request Band. And judging by the set they put down with Rupee, they can hold their own and I am sure you will be hearing more about this band in years to come.  Witnessing Jason Williams distress the crowd with 2010 run-a-way hit "Palance" all by himself was interesting... JW has energy for days!! Even Alison had to join him on stage and take a lil' dose of 'palanc-in'!  All in all, the artistes left their hearts on the stage.

A drunk man pull me one side at the nights end. "You can pick up $2 beers," he whispered and doh pay a dollar more.  This was a payment by chits party, but by the night's end, he was right.  Food ... well we will see you on the outside.

This was typical Houston ... some of the most pleasant Caribbean people in the North American circuit.

We're rolling with Houston's royalty, so special thanks to Mr. P, Nadine, Sharon and Rea for really making our trip first class as usual.  The sweet ride and the parking was as close to the party as could be without being inside. No Tropical Storm would stop TJJ from a Carnival!

-Original Lime Flavour

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