5 Minutes With StabbyI can't type a writeup for this interview without dancing in my seat and chanting "Go Stabby, Go Stabby, Go Stabby Go"! With one of the most infectious songs ("Go Stabby") this Cropover, Stabby de Guard has proved himself to be a serious force to be reckoned with! You could be at a fete having a real deep conversation with someone but once this chune comes on, all bets are off! Bumpa wuk, wuk! 5 Minutes With Stabby starts right .... NOW!

Mizz Kayz: Where did you get the name Stabby?
Stabby: Stabby came from the art of wukkin up, I didn't really want to call myself 'Wukky (wukkie) de Guard'. Dat sound like a clown, I don't want to call myself 'Jukky (jukkie) de Guard', you understand? So there was only basically Stabby left, so that is why I call myself 'Stabby de Guard'. Stabbing! I'm from Spin Pooch Ink.
Mizz Kayz: I like that! (smiles)

Mizz Kayz: Where do you see Bajan music in 5 years?
Stabby: Broad, broad, broad high international like into Europe, fully brake into Europe because some people broke into Europe already. Um.. you got Edwin Yearwood, you got Alison Hinds and we've got these kinda of people that brought out that music, that "Pump Me Up" and those kind of songs. I think Timmy ... his 2003 song, "Bumpa Catch Ah Fire" went to Japan. So you could see that we making great strides. And then we got new talent coming all de time. So is like, in 5 years, I think we could really take de globe.

Mizz Kayz: What's in your pocket right now?
Stabby: Right now in my pocket ... I took it off my face, so the shades in my pocket ... I have money in my pocket um.. a wallet, de key for my apartment and the room in the hotel, and a pack of condoms. Safe sex, practice safe sex all de time, wrap it up ... protect yuh wicket! Stabby de Guard say so!
Mizz Kayz: (laughing uncontrollably) Of course, better safe than sorry, ent?

Mizz Kayz: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
Stabby: A dog...
Mizz Kayz: A dog? Why would you choose to be a dog?
Stabby: If not a dog, a RABBIT - NAH - leh we say a rabbit!
Mizz Kayz: Okay - hee hee - why a rabbit??
Stabby: They does stab real fast.. and yuh know de name - STABBY - (starts singing Stabby work ... Stabby work) You know what I mean? It makes sense! "Stabby say so.. Salute .. Fall out!"

Mizz Kayz: What inspired you to be an artist?
Stabby: Well, it basically the dancing aspect, its that the character itself is a more dancing oriented character, that is what push me to do Stabby. Before this I was a dance member and choreographer of Spin Pooch Ink.

Mizz Kayz: If you could make an artist president who would it be and why?
Stabby: I would choose Beres Hammond. The world needs more love!
Mizz Kayz: I can agree to that one .... more love would make this world a better place! We all need some lovin'!

Yes, yes yes yes boss!!

Mizz Kayz for the TJJ Fam, until de next meeting, ah gone!
Go Mizz Kayz go!