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A good size crowd turned up to the Baje International Band Launch, for what proved to be another year of spectacular costumes from Baje International!

Red Rock Bar & Bistro is conveniently located at the far end of st Laurence Gap making it easily accessible, easy to find and providing plentiful close parking.

The launch itself took place at the back of the venue around the pool area, where everyone could enjoy a cocktail or two and watch the models walk down the runway across the pool

There was a warm and excitable atmosphere as the models stalked down the runway displaying Baje's Kadooment costume options for 2010, nobody was disappointed!  The party went on long after the show finished, definitely a good sign for things to come for Baje this year.

Drinks were reasonably priced and the bar service was quick.

Entry was free for this event.

-Jeni I.

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>> View Baje International Band Launch 2010 Gallery