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Arriving at the pier minutes to 7:00pm. I was amazed to see so many people gathered already. With mini coolers in hand, I noticed that just about everyone had one. Some big, some small but Cooler??? "All I know is, this is usually a great sign." Lol :)As the DJ' Funky Fat Boy and his crew set up. I took a moment to take in the beautiful sunset as it peeked through the clouds. Breath taking as usual and its not often admired because soon enough I would be in another world Palancin'... Lol The Rythem Masters Crew. quickly setup and started on congo drums, tuck,tuck and deep base drums along Funky's selections... All I could say is....Sweet!!! Sweet!!! Sweet!!!

This was a diverse crowd with people representing different crews, countries and age groups.....Americans, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, Guyanese and Trini's. It was more like a blended family.

 I was very excited to see promoters I've worked for from other events in full support on this ride. Like, the Fun Guyz crew, Peter from Matrix, Utica Boys, MTA Boys, Valevibes family and a Boston Crew. You could tell that this group of promoters are well respected and loved.

Sharon, one of the members of A-Crowd introduced me a few special guest and their friends. Like Noella and Sayde who where there to celebrated their engagement with their friends and family. As well as, Ritika who celebrated her bachelorette party. WooHoo!!!   Like I said, one big blended family. After filling my belly I was ready to do my thing. DJ Anonymous pulled out tunes for the young crew on board like Swappy and a few others. Sending the crowed into a frenzy and before you knew it, young and old was dancing to the same beat. Exceptional show of skills from both DJ's.This was one ride I always look forward to. Thanks to A-Crowd promoters(Sharon & Carl), Mathis and friends for having TJJ on board.

-Pauline aka Star Child

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>> View A-Crowd Annual Boatride Gallery