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I know Trinijunglejuice loves the club med and its beach club the “LO”, and that's why I went last Saturday, July 17, 2010 in what is called in Martinique, as a ""Midi Minuit,"" translation: a 12 to 12 !!!! ahhhhhh sounds already maaaaaaad for a beach party.

Arriving at sunset, the club was already full, lots of people came this Saturday for the event of the day : Lo Be In, organized by our friends of  Sous le Ground and L’Appart.A very good atmosphere in a place that I like particularly because of the beautiful beach with usually brings beautiful and happy people.

The DJs were able to overcome the elements and especially rain, which failed to spoil the party, wet or not, it was impossible not to wine, or jump up on the latest summer hits and those particular rhythms and atmosphere that Sous le Ground brings us, a real acoustic travel, thank you guys (Makandja, Paradox, Jeremiah, Sergio and all the others).

Let’s summarize the context:
- Club Med
- Beach
- Bikinis , yes I know, agaiiinnnnnnnn, like Martinique is only about that (^_^)
- Heavy rain sometimes like a true wet fete
- Rosé wine everywhere
- People without complex
- Good Sound

All of this gave us premium cocktails!!!

Smiles, Wink, Everybody IRIE, singing loud and wining baaaaddd on their favorite songs, results of the day: A BLAST!!!!
We charged up like a pack of duraaaaceeeeell.
I need some rest now, See you soon

-Frenchie Juice

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