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Let's divide the crowd in this event in three categories, shall we? A small group A consisting of bubble-jacket wearing, non-smiling "community leaders" (let's pass them quickly with a smile and don't step on anyone's foot yes?). A large Group B was full of highly energetic youngsters that were working the dance floor and waving flags and rags and basically formed a great supporting crowd for the local acts of the night. The dress code was red and almost all of these Soca addicts were rocking fiery outfits. Group C would be best described as a few rather timid fashionistas that were trying to avoid the madness and sweaty armpits by standing in the elevated bar area and in small spaces that actually had a bit of AC feeling to it.

Gaiety is located in the industrial area of Gros Islet: Massade. It is a huge two story building that can easily hold up to 1000 people, surrounded by a garden with bar and BBQ barn. It features two outdoor bars and one large indoor bar. The stage was visible from all angles of the dance floor and big enough for the artists to deliver an entertaining local Soca show. It was very very hot inside... quite a few people were complaining about the temperature and the fact that the AC didn't seem to have enough power to cool the place down a bit.

A mentioned before there was definitely a large crowd of rather young local carnival lovers that were quite excited about being so close to this years soca artists... they supported not only with lyrics but also with dance moves on the stage.... even when not being invited by the performing singers. The entertainment definitely catered to a local crowd since some artists were hard to understand unless you know the tune well. The headliner was Patrice Roberts from T&T who delivered a great performance even without the rest of the HD family and certainly was the eye candy of the night on stage. The local crowd for sure liked the Trini vibe and surely she will always be welcomed  in St. Lucia.

The bar was stocked with regular drinks and was operating with a chit system which was a bit annoying since you had to queue up in the hallway to buy them.

The bar staff did all they could to provide the thirsty crowd with drinks as fast as possible but it seemed there were not enough bar men behind the counter. There were no goodies in the bathrooms and the women's toilet had no tissue after 12.30am... not good! The parking lot was jam packed and it would have been nice if security staff would have been present to advise where any empty lots are. A shuttle would have been definitely useful given the fact that around 50 cars had to park on the side of the main road.

The cost was 30EC in advance and 45EC at the door which was reasonable for this kind of event.

-Popot Barbie Juice ("nothing wrong with a lot of Popot")

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