5 Minutes With Dane GulstonThe man with d Pan, Dane Gulston! It's always a treat to see Pan playing sensation Dane in his element. From the time you hear that first note, you can feel the love, excitement and passion he has for his craft. The TJJ girls caught up with Dane and interviewed this very talented musician who creates his own stage as he dances with his instrument and shows off his command of improvisation and ability to make folks jam in their seats and on their feet!

Eljon: You have such a great sense of style and fashion, do you have a Stylist? *Dane was lookin' fresh in Coskel University wear when we saw him*
Dane: (he laughs) Thank you! No actually, I dress myself. I like to wear a lot of Jean Paul Gaultier clothes/ suits, especially when I'm performing at certain venues. But other than that, whatever I'm in the mood to wear.

Eljon: Is your hat your signature piece?
Dane: (he smiles)Yes! I love all hats and really like Kangol. When I'm in NY, I like to go shopping a lot in the village for different styles. Whenever I travel, I always like to buy a hat... a souvenir.

Eljon: Do you have a ritual before you perform?
Dane: I do. I pray; mainly the "Our Father'.

Eljon: Can you play any other instruments?
Dane: I play the guitar and am taking piano lessons. I basically play all percussion instruments, it's my forte!

Eljon: Single or taken?
Dane: Taken like bacon!

Eljon: So, who are you jamming to right now?
Dane: I'm listening to many different musicians right now; mainly Charlie Parker, Spiro Gira and Earth Wind and Fire.

Eljon: Um, so what's in your pocket?
Dane: (he laughs and looks surprised) What's in my pocket? That's something I've never been asked.
Eljon: We like to keep folks on their toes at TJJ!!
Dane: Actually there is just money in my pocket ... no keys, no nothing. I like to have as little as possible in my pockets when I play. I don't like my pants to be too bulky.

Eljon: Is it hard to travel with your Steel Pan?
Dane: No, because I'm accustomed to traveling with it when I go abroad. In terms of safety, sometimes I get a little nervous when airlines ask me to check it because I don't want it to get damaged or lost, but most people let me take it onboard.

Pan-tastic!! :-)

- Mix Juice

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