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I just love a Sugarcane event because you know a regular venue will transform into some thing spectacular...and Flutter was no exception.

Volume II was transformed into a butterfly garden with pastel colors and paper butterflies everywhere- even on the Chinese lanterns! I was told the decorations had been even more elaborate, but much had to be taken down due to the huge storm that took place right before the party started. But never fear, the rain ended, the sun soon came out and we were ready to flutter!

Sexy Summer Sunday III was definitely one for the grown and sexy because they came out in full force, It was a very well dressed crowd, with everyone out in their Sunday best, ready to lime!

Butterfly fans were given out at the door, necessary in the stifling Brooklyn summer heat. To the left was a "Baller's Bar" for bottle purchases adjacent to a roped off VIP area under a small tent with white couches. To the right was a special drinks area where you could purchase either sangrias (red berry, mango and pineapple) or “fluttertinis” (sorrel, mango flower, coconut cream and lychee blackberry) served in special glow-in-the-dark martini glasses. In the back were the regular drinks bar, "Seafood Bar" and the "Food Bar", including a special cupcake station.

The food-oh the food! There was geera pork, and spicy jerk riblets. Pineapple and mango chow, roasted vegetable pasta salad and accra. I couldn't get enough of the 4 different types of chicken on offer: mango wings, bacchanal chicken, Trinidad Chinese wings and Thai chicken skewers. In addition to the calamari rings at the "Food Bar" there was also a whole "Seafood Bar", with oysters and whole lobster. Typing this is making my mouth water at the memory!

The party started off with Young Starr and Fatal Angels on the 1s & 2s, accompanied by Giselle d'Wassi One from Miami, who made me laugh with her talk and jokes on the mic. Then came Anonymous and Dr Wax. As late afternoon turned into night, DJ Notorious took over and whipped up the crowd with his microphone and DJ stylings. It was reggae and soca full force that night and everyone was soon wining and having a great time.

Towards the end of the evening, we were treated to display of the Chloris Goddess of Flowers costumes, Sugarcane Restaurant's section for Eastern Parkway 2010 in Ramajay mas band. The models looked gorgeous and added to the festive atmosphere. The party ended soon after, and most people raided the beautiful cupcake stand. A fitting end to a wonderful evening. We thank Sugarcane Restaurant for having us and we look forward to next year!

-Judes aka Rasta Barbie

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