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Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you another Jokey Juice review.....and for the first time....I really have little to say bout this particular event called Never Say Sayonara. Now I would try to be as gentle, but as honest as i can be in this so bare with me. Lets talk about the crowd first. Now honestly I wouldn't have called it a "crowd" persay....more like a clique. I'm sorry but the Treasure Queen is known for holding more than 500 people, but when you attend a party on the Queen and ask yourself why didn't the promoter just throw it on a banana boat and save all the money if a small amount of people were gonna be in attendance. And trust me people, it was a SMALL attendance.

The Treasure Queen was the venue for this event bought to the public by Beautiful People Promotions. The Queen was well lit up, and once again had a soothing ambiance surrounding her as we sailed the Pier for 3 hours. Yes people, even though there was a small attendance, the Queen still graced the watersas planned rather than dock in shame. Props.

Now I don't know what was it....whether it was because everyone the boat knew each other, was it because the DJ played some appealing music, or was it just he soothing feeling on the Queen I mentioned, but for some reason, the vibe seemed to surpass all the short comings of the event. Every one danced with one another, smiles and laughs filled the almost vacant cruise and at the end of the night, attendees including myself still managed to enjoy themselves. Now I'll be honest, it wasn't anything like the other boat rides we at TJJ have covered for the year so far, but it made up for it where vibes are concerned. Some artistes and DJs were suppose to perform, but I guess no show. My most apologies on their behalf.

We at TJJ would like to extend our thanks to all promoters of the Beautiful People Promotions for having us at their event. Now we understand that a lot of planning and preparation goes into throwing a successful event. In this case, one of the two fell flat as well as the most important....timing. We hope in the future we at TJJ can experience another project you all may have in store to then be able to realize and take note of your progression. If there is one thing I cannot disagree with is that your group of vibrant friends and attendees definitely saved the entire vibe of the party.

Jokey Juice
... Salt N' Pepper

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