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Personally the venue was packed to capacity but with enough room to wine

South's finest Prive, a 3 level experience Upper dance floor, lower lounge and outside patio must mention the newly built bristo (its a Venice concept)

At 10.30 cars already parking along the south trunk road, walking towards the entrance is surely amazing as the quality of girls waiting to get in i guess that is the benefit of giving out ladies comps the fellows would follow. Dj's on the inside doing there own mix a turn table on each level sweet!! but as always there must be a signature song to be memorable "I want to be a billionaire" so f!@#$%g bad!!

$100 by guest list only exclusively defined

Must thank all those who came out and support the west crew who made it to south and Vashish. Eureka campus carnival 2011. Becks I ent forget you muah!!

-Young Juice

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