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This is the first event for the Rotterdam Summer Carnival 2010 Season. Rotterdam Summer Carnival or as it is commonly known amongst the Dutch as Zomer Carnaval has to be the shortest carnival in the world but we will discuss that later! Friday Night, Holland, Amsterdam ... where we heading? Socalicious! I want Soca ... and it must be tasty ... cause it "Licious" ...

Well what is to be must be ... that is the law of the world ... that is the law of the land ... This was a masquerade advertised party, and by all means did the various patrons attend with their masks (even the funny masks - wearing other people's faces ... questionable!!). There were not any fancy outfits or anything spectacular to say "Wowza, I am going to get me one of those!", in fact, it was more of birthday suits look alikes and outfits that do not leave much to the imagination a.k.a. TIGHT CLOTHES! For all the single and "roaming" men, there was enough eye candy in the dance to engrave your imagination and for the fabulous women, as usual, there was not much to get your eye on ... a few rare gems, but you know how hard those are to come by and they usually belong to someone else ... I Scratch My Head and I Ponder the Possibility??

I am activist for a fabulous and gorgeous venue when it comes to a party ... did this venue disappoint? Hmm ...
Strobing Lights that make for excellent pictures ... yes!
Speakers located in the prime locations of the venue so that you could never miss a single melody ... yes!
Location in amsterdam - central? local? easy to get to? ... questionable ... very questionable ...
Some couches to have a seat? ... yes! Wait! ... how about some couches to sleep ... OH YES!!!! (the picture cannot be shown on the website ....)
Sturdy railings so that you could hold on to and wine out on your favourite bottom for the entire night ... yes!
DJ Set & DJ Box located in a "central" spot so that you have easy access to request your tune and even complement the DJ when they play a big tune ... yes!

It is a pre-carnival party! One of the interesting things about a pre-carnival party is that it has to set the tone ... for example Diamond Vale Breakfast Party (Trinidad) ... Glow (Berlin) ... Miami Day Fete (Miami) ... Shipwrecked  All Inclusive (London, UK) ... These are trendsetters ... the Vibe in these parties never leave ... the vibe in this party hits you and smacks you silly from the minute you walk into the door and continues to slap you stupid right until you leave the venue! Did this happen tonight ... I got a couple of slaps ... but they were not strong enough ... only within the last hour did I really get some serious "Hurry Hand" ... (Trinis Link Up!) ... Talk about "Hurry Hand"! Jeeez-Ann Mable & Tantie Syrup ... my face still red with all that licks ... DJ D-One & DJ Tate ... much respect for the beat down ...

On the flip side of the "Hurry Hand", we were entertained with a performance from K-Marvel and his song for 2010 - "Pressure On Me" - who gave us an energetic but subtle performance.

There was no food on sale tonight at this party - which can be seen as a downfall - but nobody really cared - they all ate something on the way home I am sure ... Drinks ... Disgusting! Overpriced! Small Cups! A Big Chupz! Deplorable! Next year ... bring your bottle and come and spazz out on your own drinks!! Let us not forget that tonight, it was a pay for a chip/coin system to get drinks ... yeah ... you know that rubbish!! Deplorable!!!!

The door staff were friendly and not rude. They were doing their jobs and they were good at what they were doing. The woman collecting your "Pass Go Fee", she was pleasant, not grumpy, and occasionally gave a smile or two! The Bar Staff was lacking ... yeah ... lacking ... even though there were not much people, as in over crowded, two people on the bar is ridiculous!
The man in the toilet to be the meet and greet person, the steward, he was friendly, even when he was charging you €0.50 cents to drain the weasel or relieve yourself from the liquids in your body!
Yes Folks ... I said it ... you had to pay to urinate! Deplorable!

€10.00 for entrance is not bad at all. In fact it was well worth the party to charge just a reasonable fee.

So for my first tasty soca party, TriniConnections - Joyce, Kwame, Bryan D'Soca Lyon & D-One .. Big Up, Nice Up, Large Up, Live Up! Keep it coming ... next year ... make it happen again, make it bigger ... it must be to die for !!!!!!!

Scorn Juice
... Drive By Jirations All The Way ...

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>> View Socalicious Masquerade Fete Gallery
>> Rotterdam 2010 Carnival Coverage