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Packed full of beautiful girls! With an expected turnout of 700 people I'll have to say that the crowd met all expectations. Everyone was well dressed and seemed to have enjoyed themselves. They were very lively for the fashion show and full of energy for the after-party. Real waist!

Easy access! The hall was roomy and comfortable, just a little hot until the sun went down. The ambiance wasn't so hot but the spray painted screens gave the place a young and relaxed feeling. The Lighting was also superb.

Waist for so. For the fashion show, the crowd was all excited and lively. The girls went mad over the guys and the guys went gaga over the girls. The after-party was blessed with all the models giving generous bumsee as well as all the hot guests.

No Alcohol! I guess that was everyone's biggest letdown, but it was an all ages show and on a school compound so it was understandable. The bar was well stocked and there were gyros on sale, all reasonably priced.

Prefects and Management teams of CIC were very helpful with the entire show. They were there for any assistance and the police service provided excellent security.

The Prefect Body of Saint Mary's College would like to send a special thank you to:
- The CIC Past Students Union
- Mrs. Charlene Nivet and Mr. Darnell Thomas
- Meiling Esau
- Anthony Reid
- Sterling Henderson
- Iveak Archer
- Robert Young
- Peter Elias
- Diane Hunt
- Stacy Smith
- Kai Jankovic
- Patricia Francis
- Nicholas Huggins
- Susan Espinet of Mac Cosmetics
- Tricia Bharath of Thread On Boutique
- Meera Fletcher of Vogue by Mee Boutique
- Dj Marcus and Dj Dominic
- Han's Party Rentals
- Amalgamated Security
- Clairol And all other sponsors

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>> View Contagious VII - Going Green Gallery