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When it come to Queens, its always a good crowd, weekends are always hot in these parts, & the party goers always on their A game with looking nice and sharply dressed!

Moka NightClub is always a great venue, with it's outdoor patio you seem to see more people outside sipping, and wining, love the fact they have a nice ambiance with the beautifully lit trees & comfy furniture.

Seems that Team Magnum is everywhere, anywhere you turn there's a member of Team Magnum spinning on the tunes....and boy can they amp up a crowd, not only can they pack out the dance floor, they can keep their crowd there.

Not too happy with the service, I ordered a drink, bartender proceeded to give me the wrong one, I let her know, she took the drink poured it out and moved on the next person at the bar, totally ignored me.....Like It was my god damn mistake!

-Cindy P.

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