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Maracas Cooler Fete Beach House Style was one of the chic est parties of the summer in Brooklyn. D Garden was an intimate outdoor venue that was the perfect space for a party that quickly filled with different sized coolers and sexy bodies rockin some sexy, colorful beach wear! Nothing says summer better than beach vibes.

There was no sand, nor sea at our beach house style party, but there were plenty of hot people, lots of food, great music, and what seemed to be an infinite amount of drinks. Can't go wrong! Everyone came out early for the Maracas Annual Cooler Fete bright and early, and the space filled quickly. Everyone found a cozy spot to set up their coolers and socialize with their entourage. Others roamed the party to make a lil small talk, take a lil whine, and of course take a drink. This event was beyond active! Not exactly sure how I made my way around. While maneuvering throught the crowd, I managed to step in a bucket of ice water. . . . I blame the Trini Rum Punch! Iy Yi Yi!

Can't talk bout a fete without mentioning the musical vibes. Selectors for the night were Sounds 4 Life, Back to Basics, Anonymous, Dr Wax ,Trini Boom, and Freaks 4 Soca with live rhythm section provided by Dem Boyz. A few partygoers took the liberty to pick up a bottle and beat it! (Typical West Indian Behavior), while others chipped up n down d party! Real nice vibe for a Sunday evening lime.

One rare aspect of this party was the slide show that played throughout the entire party. Clips of past soca performances and photo galleries from Soul Sister's past events conveyed memories that made their guests point and smile. *Thumbs up*

Unfortunately our wonderful time unexpectedly got cut short. Nypd shutdown the party a few hours way too early, which caused a bit of a stir. No scene. Coolers still had content in 'em, so the party was taken elsewhere.

Much love to Soul Sisters and Friends, Text-a-holic Juice and Star Child you ladies put together a well organized event that ran smoothly throughout. It was hard keeping up with you throught but you ladies looked fabulous, as usual. Natalie kudos to you, the food was awesome! Hopefully next time, we get to get to play late! TJJ will definitely be at the next Soul Sisters event!

-Reva aka Junior Juice

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>> View Maracas Cooler Fete Beach House Style Gallery