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Half the Bim Soca Junkie population turned up on Sunday fuh Soca on De Hill at Farley Hill National Park, to enjoy an entire day a hard core SOCA, through sun and rain.

By the end most went home muddier than J'Ouvert! Was great! haha.

The venue is perfect fuh a concert which is why Reggae on De Hill was der in April.  With the performers on a stage on the lowest ground and people risin up on the hilly slopes around, everyone had a great view of the performances. 

Any problem?!  Other than Farley Hill being so damn far to drive to without directions, nah jus as well Bim so small!

There was a good atmosphere in the crowd from hard core fettin at the front to the more laid back winers at the back.  It wasn't too packed either which was a shock - guess the rain washed away a lot a potential attendees.

The acts were great, with some a the acts interspersed wit DJ's etc, was great, just one issue....WHY DE HELL PUT DE HEAD LINE ACT ON 1ST??!?!!!! 

Destra was one a the first and most anticipated acts to see and she went on real early much to the disappointment of most people who bought tickets, who turned up on Bajan time - about 2hrs late.

A lot a people were disappointed, myself included.

The other headline acts who stole the show included Lil Rick, Krosfyah, Alison Hinds, Square one, Peter Ram, Mikey, Tallpree, Patch and Mr Dale!

Food and drink was available throughout the event, whilst VIP ticket holders were given tickets and wrist bands for their complimentary food and drinks.

Service was fairly fast, but then the crowds were a manageable size.

Early bird tickets were available for an affordable $40 and last minute purchasers had to pay $70BBD.  With the exception of the disappointment of missing Destra it was a great line up of all the top acts for Kadooment this year, so money well spent!

-Jeni I.

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