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Soundclash, dubplates, cussing' bad words and boasting that your crew is the best ever is all part and parcel of the world we "soundboys" live in. For those of you who might not already know, apart from being a normal club dj, I am also a selector (same as dj) for the number one soundsystem in Holland, and one of the baddest sounds in Europe (for real, ask around). Herbalize-it Sound, The Champion Sound! Tonight we're in Stuttgart with "The German Luger," Sentinel Sound for their regular dance, causing waves in Germany called Kingston Hot. Sentinel is the former World Champions, and one of, if not the most popular and successful sounds on this side of the universe. The boys are plain and simple BAD! Fresh off a trip to Trinidad where they delivered a "cut-arse" on Trini's very own X-Caliber Sound with Mr. Slaughter and Tek-9 from New york City. (Atleast that is what I hear) :-)

But tonight its not about dubplates, name calling or any hardcore tactics like these. We are paying tribute to the tragically slain Voicemail member O'Niel Edwards over the medium of hot music and crazy juggling in the glorious celebration of life! Live performances by Voicemail and Alaine was expected to surely tear the roof off. And they did! Voicemail with their "woman magnetic" energy, had the ladies bawling while Alaine showed why she's recognized as one of the sweetest voices and faces in reggae/dancehall! I fell in love with her over and over again, an amazing amazing performer! Stuttgart was on fire from start to finish! Big up my Sentinel family for hosting another wicked dance!

A healthy mix; meaning a few more women present so we're happy. Even though it was late evening, it was still hot out, so most women were dressed accordingly. The attitude was right from early, these people came to party and stayed in party mode right through!

Club Rocker 33. A sick club. Not too modern, kinda rough around the edges but still very cozy and oozing of comfort. One big main area, a smaller room and a wicked outside chill kinda beach area with couches, benches, pillows, music…..very nice. Since the club's location is in the heart of the city centre accessing public transport and parking is no scene.

Mad mad mad! From the warm up till the last tune, party was insane. I later heard that this party never ended so late. There were at least 100 peeps still on the dancefloor when the lights came on after 6am. Voicemail and Alaine were fabulous. Sentinel was as usual firing on all cylinders and I gotta big up Sultan my MC, for shinning very weighted! This is how a party should be!

Once cute girls behind the bar, I get biased. Sorry! Service was spectacular and the drinks was worth every flick of the hips, i mean wrist. Serious talk, enough bartenders, attent and friendly. This is Germany and as in most cites, drinking is very affordable.

Honestly I not too sure what the damage was. I heard €10 some said €12 and I too lazy to go find out so lets say under €15. Whatever the price, you got your money's worth and then some. Live performances, world class dj's, top venue, affordable drinks! No door price could do this party justice. Straight!

Big Up the whole Sentinel Family again. Elmar, sweet sweet Nadia, Meska, Shotta Paul and the rest. Kingston Hot 2 Di World!

D-OneJammasters & Herbalize-it
TJJ Holland

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