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Well well well...Entertainment! This crowd was definitely up for a good time tonight. A little light on the eye candy but we see some interesting outfits that made up for it; some straight out of the 90s, some pimping, lace gloves, corsets that push up and held in your assets, some serious headgear, some with everything on show and we mean everything! It seemed a little empty to start when most of the birthday crews were on the lower deck but once everyone moved to the dance floor it filled out.

Westminster Pier is the closest Pier to Westminster Bridge and easily signposted so if you were travelling to the venue no worries! However, If you are driving allow plenty time to find parking...jeez, London roads like they on lock down! As for the boat well it definitely wasn't the JAY-Z style yacht on the flyer but it had plenty space and the open windows meant lots of cool sea breeze! Our advice to you was definitely stay away from the toilets where you could!!!

Energy, vibes, excitement, rudeness, wildness, bacchanal, fun in abundance...this party had it all!!! We had a mini Michael Jackson celebrating his birthday and somehow using his dance moves to crawl through women's legs!!!boom bang bang! We had loads of birthday crews, complete with arm bands and rubber rings, just in case!! Real people fall down, lots of new dance moves, that's right 'show me how you get down!!!' A man even jump up in excitement and hit his head on the roof of the boat,LOL. DJ Jam Jam played everything from soca, bashment, afrobeats, hip hop, house etc...FULL VARIETY! We love it...One thing for sure is that who yuh come with was not necessarily who yuh left with!!! Bacchanal!!!

There was no food on board, but the birthday crews were able to bring on board their cakes to balance out the alcohol! Drink were flowing; we see champagne, beers, cider, wine, spirits...EVERYTHING! If you came to drink, which by the looks of things most people did:) you would not be disappointed!!!

Top security well except for one little hiccup ... but we won't mention it ... moving along ... The Captain on hand for any minor drunken incidents; yes that's right we saw you fall, plenty of you!!! The bar staff were enjoying themselves in the dance! As for the promoters; top quality service from start to finish, they made sure TJJ was looked after and had a great time. We see them having a great time too, jamming against the sides of the boat!

Tickets could only be bought in advance and were £25. As part of a birthday package you could also make sure you had an area reserved for your crew and special VIP treatment. If you come to get down and drink, the party was worth every penny.

Big up to Dat Promotionz Inc. for showing everyone how to look after their patrons and making sure EVERYONE had a good time!!!

Posh Juice

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