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Trini Jungle Juice Posse!

Wuh gine on? Well, wunna know we in Bim just celebrated yet anudda successful Crop Over so nuff uh we Bajans here-so pun de recovery stretch still!

Dis year fuh de first time, Trini Jungle Juice was cordially invited tuh de Limerz Cruise which was held de Sundee right before Kadooment Day. De day started out sweet sweet sweet wid de people serving some good breakfast.. yuh know, tuh brek de air and start de day off RIGHT! Everybody was buzzin' round de dock - talking and laughing..setting de tone for de day pun de big bad catamarans Jammin, Tiami & Silver Moon. By midday, we dun had in a few drinks and de sweet ragga soca vibes paved de way fuh de first few hours down de West Coast of beautiful Buhbadus (dat is Bajan fuh Barbados, effin yuh didn't know!). Monstapiece Federation provided de entertainment pun de Catamaran we did pun and generally kept de party HYPED!

Finally we docked off de shores of St. Alban's beach where de posse dem was greeted by some eager jet-skiers willing tuh caar we out pun de high seas at high speed! Lawd, yuh know I caan tekk nuh lotta speed so I rest my two foot up and eat my lunch in ULTRA relax mode! Wunna asking bout wuh we had fuh lunch? Man look, de buffet lunch was ON! Stir-fried rice, macaroni pie (yuh know we Bajans LOVE uh piece o' pie), baked chicken, fried flying fish, tossed salad wid a choice of dressing and tuh top it off, some GOOD Bajan peppuh sauce! Premium drinks was flowing sweet enough by de bar so yuh know people had dem fair share! Who din jet-skiing was swimming and boarding de other catamarans tuh relate their experiences pun dem boat. Others just preferred tuh tek de relax pill and eat de lunch or use de time tuh BlackBerry dem significant others or update their status pun Facebook!

Lunch dun and bellies full; time fuh we tuh sail back down de coast. Lawd, de bashment tunes dese DJs drop was CRAZY HYPE pun de way back down! Looka, all now I am pretty sure de women (AND MEN) looking fuh new knees and knee caps in PriceSmart, SuperCentre or any uh de 99 Convenience Stores. Why? Caw Lil Rick's ever popular tune "Go Dung" had people really pulling out all de stops tuh mek it down tuh de ground and back up. We get lil sweet treats tuh curb de sweet tooth craving some uh we had and by de way, drinks aint stop flowing yet yuh know?!  It was PURE ACTION pun de Limerz Cruise!!! Effin yuh tink de party dun, yuh lie doh! AFTER PARTY was at de new Pablo Dontes Bar dey-so in Maxwell! Cruisers were free and those who could not get on pun de cruise, paid a lil $15bds. Tell de trute doh, I din mek it fuh too long after dat. Sleep deprivation and de hot sun had me LICK UP!

De organizers uh de cruise really treat all uh we good though. As part of de all-inclusive package that not only consisted of premium drinks and buffet lunch, we get Banks towels, Angostura martini mixers, bandanas, shot glasses and even Limerz Cruise branded cups! Man look, dat cruise was worth every penny! Effin yuh aint hear bout de Limerz Cruise yet, yuh betta ask somebody and mek sure yuh get yuh tickets fuh Limerz Cruise 2K11!

-Lana J. Jones
strictly in bajan twang ...

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