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Geeezzzzzzzzan this party my word..... How can I say this?
Let’s start off by saying the dance was far for me, being that I am from the west and the party’s location was San Fernando hill. Who say road trip … ha ha!

This dance was real sweet! We reached about 12 AM and it ram … what an early start! This party looking  like something out of a movie. Ambience of lights in the middle and only good looking people!! Like for some reason the committee didn’t sell any tickets to ugly people because this party look realllll nice.

The vibe in this party was unbeatable and to add to it, the DJs were spinning very well from Hollywood Sachy & DJ Dane to Rapid Response … everybody had their share of music to buss.  We camera men had a good bit of pics to take with the crews who were there, all looking like they were having a real nice time. I don’t know how to say it or stress it anymore … the vibes inside Funky Monkey was unbelievable! If you see north people … “hmmm like times changing” this is what you would call “BESS”.

 I really hope this committee keeps on throwing this party because for a first time attempt, they really scored. Shane Baird well done. Doing south parties is a little hard for our north media houses but if the vibes good and it have sexy women, TJJ there.

I must say the concept was great and once you actually came to the party it was worth every RED Cent. You could not go wrong with a price of $100! What cooler fete you could get so cheap??!! Doesn’t get better than that! Oh … not forgetting the monkey mascot on stage, and the photographer I rent for the night … big up yourself Justin!!

-Young Juice

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