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The Beach House Carnival fete of Crop Over!

Carnival Saturday in sweet Barbados... get your fancy summer apparel out of your closet (or suit case) and head to “Bliss Summer Edition”, the ultimate ultra all-inclusive party! Tickets were apparently so hot that they sold out within 2 hours!!

Although last year's venue (Sweetfield Manor) got rave reviews, the gentlemen of Esquire Entertainment had new things in store for us this year. And this year's venue was outstanding: a shuttle bus took party guests to the quite secluded Pollards Mill 1712, a former sugar cane plantation in St. Phillip.

At entry ladies were handed a fan and a flower and gents a cup with the party logo before posing in front of the Bliss banner for a memorable picture.

There were also a few booths for wine tasting and plenty culinary delicacies such as sushi, pasta dishes, different meats and a selection of desserts for the sweet tooth. At some stations the queue was quite long, whilst others ran out of certain dishes (which were not replaced right away). But in all, everyone got the chance to fill their belly with some kind of goodies before heading past the sugar mill (which was displayed beautifully with colored spotlights) down to the main dance area, which was surrounded by ample bars - a wine bar and two large bars that served a great selection of premium drinks.

The service was OUTstanding, the waiters had a smile on their faces while serving and you even had the option of a BIG cup in case you were really thirsty ;-) We made it our duty to try all three different types of Patron Tequila... and like Speedy Gonzales we headed to the dance floor ... Ándale! Ándale! Arriba!

The vibe was great! Depending what kind of partygoer you are, there was definitely an area for you at this event to enjoy yourself: the dancefloor for the hot & sweaty WUKK-UPPERS ... the wine bar for the more timid WINERS ... the general bars for the very thirsty NONSTOP DRINK ORDERERS ... and the dark corners for the hand-holding, loving FLIRT MACHINES. A great selection of soca tunes and later on some rougher dancehall vibes kept everyone moving.

All of these very much fashionable guests had to cool off at some point and Bliss had the best option for exactly that: super sized outdoor fans ... especially girls in flowing skirts and dressed had fun with this trust me.

Another station to freshen up was the bathroom area which had a bit of breeze going on thanks to smaller fans as well. For the ladies there was a selection of body lotion, make up and deodorant which is a great idea but I find it a bit strange and unhygienic to use a "public" roll-on deodorant, what’s wrong with sprays? Comfy seating made some female guests definitely stay longer in this tent since it was a great opportunity to rest their feet that were strapped in heels for hours.

The event was scheduled from 3pm to 10pm and allowed the guests to head to other events that took place the same night such as Mia Mottley's  All Inclusive or the popular 10-to-10 Insomnia fete.

The 170$BBD (advance tickets) was definitely money well spent. We got our money's worth of food, drinks and vibe. The venue was gorgeous and space wise ideal for a party of that caliber.

Popot Barbie Juice
"BLISS Ultra All- Inclusive, an event that Popots shouldn't miss"

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