We'll like to congratulate Miss Jamaica 2010 Yendi Phillipps, the 1st Runner-Up at The Miss Universe 2010 pageant competition which took place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 23, 2010.

As the 1st Runner-Up in the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant, Yendi Phillips is the most successful Miss Jamaica Universe to date.

Yendi was born on 8th September 1985 in Jamaica. She was crowned Miss Jamaica in 2007.

Congrats Yendi!

Miss Universe 2010 – Miss Mexico (Jimena Navarrete)

1st Runner Up – Miss Jamaica (Yendi Philip)
2nd Runner Up – Miss Australia (Jesinta Campbell)
3rd Runner Up – Miss Ukraine (Anna Poslavska)
4th Runner Up – Miss Philippines (Maria Venus Raj)

The set of scores were taken after the swimsuit completion eliminating the lowest five. The remaining Top 10 candidates were the following:
Miss Ireland (Rozanna Purcell) – 8.548
Miss Albania (Axhela Martini) – 8.693
Miss Philippines (Maria Venus Raj) – 8.714
Miss Jamaica (Yendi Philips) – 8.884
Miss Mexico (Xemina Navarrete) – 8.913
Miss Ukraine (Anna Poslavska) – 8.743
Miss Puerto Rico (Marriana Vicente) – 7.971
Miss South Africa (Nicole Flint) – 8.420
Miss Guatemala (Alejandra Barillas) – 8.286
Miss Australia (Jesinta Campbell)- 8.841

Final top 15 of the Miss Universe 2010:
Miss Puerto Rico (Marriana Vicente) – 8.4
Miss Ukraine (Anna Poslavska) – 8.3
Miss Mexico (Xemina Navarrete) – 9.3
Miss Belgium (Cilou Annys) – 7.6
Miss Ireland (Rozanna Purcell) – 8.8
Miss South Africa (Nicole Flint) – 8.2
Miss France (Malika Menard) - 7.6
Miss Australia (Jesinta Campbell) – 8.5
Miss Jamaica (Yendi Philips) – 9.4
Miss Russia (Irina Antonenko) – 7.8
Miss Albania (Anxhela Martini) – 8.2
Miss Colombia (Natalia Navarro) – 7.6
Miss Guatemala (Alejandra Barillas) – 8.1
Miss Czech Republic (Jitka Valkova) – 7.4
Miss Philippines (Maria Venus Raj) – 9.0

Special Awards:
Miss Congeniality: Miss Australia (Jesinta Campbell)
Miss Photogenic: Miss Thailand (Fonthip Watcharatrakul)
Best in National Costume: Miss Thailand (Fonthip Watcharatrakul)