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When TJJ arrived the party was already packed. On the dance floor the action was all hot and sweaty, with waistlines moving to the beat of soca. No social thing on this dance floor! Then there were those who chose to spectate or maybe even cool down a bit, located along the outskirts of the dance floor. Proceeding further into the fete we then came across another mass of people, all liming and socializing near as well as on the beach front itself. So one thing is for certain ... this party sold off! The crowd consisted of a nice mix of people and the dress code seemed to be elegantly casual judging from what we saw. TJJ's only regret ...  our stay was too limited! Next rounds we will fix that!!

We were in good hands as far as finding the place goes, as our driver knew the Ins & Outs of Grenada ... ha ha. The venue was located in a hilly area however and for patrons that had to do some walking, especially women, watch the height of those heels! Once inside the place was all open air and if things got too humid on the dance floor, you could have cooled down the outskirts or even on the beach ... literally. Definitely a venue that allowed you to feel and experience that true sense of Caribbean life and flavour.

The party had a buzz ... from the sounds of chatter originating from those who came to meet and greet, all the way to the heavy waist rotation taking place on the dance floor. Our indicators that the session was nice ... lots of smiling faces, the presence of tipsy folks and the heavy perspiration running off of folks fuss they dance the place down. Also when a HORN man up in the dance, you know the vibes nice for so!

Tonight was a cash bar system. The bars looked like they carried the standard stock and brands of liquor, so no worries here. For those who wanted a bite to eat, there was a food area up and running. The BBQ chicken sure looked mouth watering ...

The promoters were most welcoming and hospitable in their treatment towards us. For this TJJ says thanks! Other than that everything seemed standard and up par.

d' local Juice

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>> View De Permit Fete 2010 Gallery
>> View Grenada Spice Mas 2010 Coverage