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Carnival Monday ends with the Monday Night Mas street jump-up, where masqueraders in brightly colored T-shirt bands wave fluorescent wands, glow sticks and dance from the marina of Port Louis to St. George’s Carenage.

From around 8:00 p.m. until about midnight, thousands of people in a trance light the night in a TORNADO of colours, which is simply amazing and unique in the Caribbean. How can I describe the fun of this parade? It is to hard to find words because I am so impressed by the quality of the parade, the organization, the ambiance, and the melting pot that is Grenada . This Monday Night Mas is really a "must see", an experience that can’t be missed AT ALL!!

Alright here is a little briefing of this Spice Mas event:- you have to know that the Carnival is comprised of four parades. First, J'Ouvert (started before dawn on Monday) and then Monday Mas (a much smaller scale Road March to Tuesday's) in the afternoon, followed by Monday Night Mas and finally the main parade on Tuesday.

Monday Night Mas is very particular and popular, bringing a Kaleidoscope of colours... an Explosion of Colours... oh gosssshhh simply UNIQUE to Grenada!

There's really no need to go back home after Monday's Road March. Stay there and wait for the big companies trucks (Carib, Heineken, LIME, Digicel etc.). Similiar to J'Ouvert, Monday Night Mas is a parade celebration where anybody can participate, so get your "night mas equipment" for $60-70 EC (T-shirt, glow sticks, cups, something colored to shake and Lighted Multi Coloured top-hat) and you GOOD TO GO! Follow your group, your truck and WINE on anyting you see! THIS IS FUN!

I jumped and SPINNED LIKE A TORNADO all the way down to the Carenage late late late in the night (participated in several bands), and all I saw was pure bacchanal. Maybe it was because of the nice warm weather, or the sweet Soca music, or the beverages ... LOL!

I still have wonderful memories when everyone was taking their glow sticks and following the voice of the DJ sayin, "Swing your glow sticks to the right... and left!" Synchronization ah tell yuh!!

People, let me tell you something... don't miss this unique Spice Mas experience, TRULY AMAZING!

-Frenchie Juice

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>> View Grenada Monday Night Mas 2010 Gallery
>> View Grenada Spice Mas 2010 Coverage