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A Tribute to the Mighty Sparrow
The Mighty Sparrow or Birdie , real name Slinger Francisco was born in Grenada in 1935 and moved to Trinidad at the age of 1.  He became interested in calypso at the age of 14 and was nicknamed the Mighty Sparrow because he would move around the stage like a sparrow while he sang.
In 1956 Sparrow won Calypso Monarch and Carnival Road March with Jean and Dinah followed in 1960 with Mae Mae and Royal Jail in 1961.  Congo Man, which was criticized for its attitude towards women and Africans and was banned on radio until 1989, followed in 1965.  Big Bamboo with its frank tales of sexuality came in 1966.  He sang Jane in 1968 and in 1974 won Calypso Monarch with Miss Mary as one of his songs.
The CNzMiami costumes  are now on sale and all the necessary information will be posted on www.carnivalnationz.com ~ on facebook.com search for carnivalnationz and carnivalnationz Miami groups.

Costumes will cost - $165US for backline (female) $155US (male)  Contact section leaders for frontline prices.

Remember: CNzMiami is a full ALL-INCLUSIVE experience – so the price includes a fully stocked alcohol bar, food (breakfast & lunch) and top DJs from T&T, Miami and Toronto.

Miami Masqueraders:
Mas Camp is located at 6918 Stirling Road, Hollywood FL 
For More information, contact:
Carnival Nationz Miami Band Leaders:
Lesley-Ann (Miami) @ 954-298-3381
Jerome (Trinidad) @ 868-749-4885
Bryce (Toronto) @ 416.985.8488
CNz Miami Sections and section leaders:
Jean and Dinah - Marsha (954) 732-8257, Raymond (954) 732-9091, Lisa (954) 599-7810
Mae Mae - (954) 478-6873, Annie(305) 438-8233
Royal Jail - Nigel (305) 975-4703
Congo Man - Dorenzo (954) 701-5655, Bryce (416) 985- 8488, Marcus (416) 565-4079, Clivia (754) 423-9635
Big Bamboo - Rhonda (954) 591-1972
Jane - Tiana (954) 450-1142, Krysta-Marie (954) 649-1127, Ayesha (954) 397-0052
Miss Mary - Marsha (954) 732-8257, Bryce (416) 985-8488, Marcus (416) 565-4079
CNz CARIBANA masqueraders:
For CNz Caribana costume holders – i.e. people who played mas with CNz at Caribana 2010 and still have their costumes and are planning on jumping with CNz in Miami, then there is a MANDATORY registration fee that must be paid in order to join CNzMiami. This fee is $90US.  This can be paid via www.carnivalnationz.com or directly to a CNz Band Leader (Marcus @ 416.565.4079 ~ Bryce @ 416.985.8488 ~ Dwayne @ 416.930.9650).

You cannot play mas in CNzMiami unless you have either:
1). Bought a CNzMiami specific costume; or
2). Paid the mandatory Registration Fee for all CNz Caribana masqueraders (and you must be a registered 2010 CNz masquerade).

All others will be escorted out the band, just like last year ....

>> View Carnival Nationz Miami 2010 Band Launch Gallery