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Nothing tells you that the prime of the Carnival season is here like when the festivities of the Soca Monarch comes around. Just the sheer energy, magnitude and scale of this event can throw one into the Carnival frame of mind with the amount of vibes it emits.

Usually know to occur on the Friday before Carnival Monday and Tuesday, this competition is divided into two categories ... Groovy Soca Monarch and Soca Monarch. Now each category is big enough to stage a competition on its own, but when it comes to finals, its one big grand finale of a show that takes place.

Starting off with the Groovy Soca Monarch and then the Soca Monarch in the latter leg, this show attracts a sea of people filling both the stadium grounds and stands. One really needs to be present however in order to truly experience how phenomenal this show really is ... just to visualize the acts, all the props they incorporate into their presentation and most importantly, the reaction that the crowd has towards each constant ... you have to be there! Its almost impossible to explain the feeling of how the grounds of the stadium or the stadium itself for that matter, shook at times when the crowd was in its glee. All we could say was WOW!!

Here is a listing of the Official Results showing how things went down on the night ...

Groovy Soca Monarch Finals 2010 Results:

1st     Rankin Marvin - Rent a Tile
2nd    Randy Isaac – Independent Ladies
3rd    Sheldon Douglas – Sookie
4th    Kitty Boy – Ah missing dat
5th    Steve Theodore – Tabankaa
6th    Croqueta – Grampa Break Away
7th    Soca Banton – lalala Ley Ley
8th    Doggies – Face to face
9th    Sharie Jones – Come Along
10th  KJ – More Love in the Country

GCC/LIME Soca Monarch 2010 Results:

1st    OTIS - Tornado
2nd   Mr. Killa – See Them Fly
3rd   Zingo – People Bawling
4th   Randy Issac – Mo Mas
5th   Luni Spark & Electrify – Got Energy
6th   Terror Kid – Explosive
7th   Brother B – Tax on That
8th   Nekoyon – Keep It Moving
9th   Short Pree – Soca Music Dey
10th Maximillion – Live Wire
11th Sugar Jay – Jamming on de Road
12th Super Star – Signal
13th Sheldon Douglas – Doh watch we, watch yourself
14th D Hammer – Rise
15th Inspector – Music Change
16th Squeezy – Rat Poison

>> View Groovy Soca Monarch & GCC/LIME Soca Monarch Finals 2010 Gallery
>> View Grenada Spice Mas 2010 Coverage