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Tonight is officially the kick off for the Notting Hill weekend and from 5pm the crowds came out to catch the first Lime for the carnival weekend and packed out this venue from top to bottom. Hunt around enough and there was some eye candy in the odd corner brightening up the dance!!

Sports Cafe is a very large venue smack bang in the heart of the West End and just a short walk from Piccadilly Circus station. Luckily for TJJ it also happens to be easy to park and easy to find! The venue itself is over two floors with the main dancefloor on the lower level and an upstairs area with pool tables and more bars. So whether you choose to lime and old talk or start the carnival jamming early you in luck !!!

Next Level PoisonUK really kicks off the carnival with their annual After Work Lime/Party in Sports Café. If you have work in the morning unlucky!!! Notting Hill veterans know you must take the Friday off!!
So over the two levels and the VIP room (that's right the Caribbean soca stars reach and ready to pose with their friends and followers!!) Some were eating, some were jamming, some playing pool, some drinking...and we liming!

Everybody was linking with old friends, all those who flew in just for the season, or even all those in England who just vibzing for the London vibes. What was the word on everybody's' mouth - "What is the vibe for tomorrow? What is the plan for Saturday? Sunday? You in Chocolate? I know I seeing yuh in PoisonUK on Monday!" More small talk and chilling for most of the patrons....maybe they conserving their energy for the big weekend ahead????!!!! hmmmm.....we hope so!!!

Well food ran out so Posh, Scorn and Red Sno Cone end up in china town hustling for some duck and noodles at 2am. However, if you were there early there was Caribbean food on sale for those who headed over straight from work. Drinks were flowing as usual and at the infamous West End Prices.

A big queue at the door come 10.30pm(round about the time they start charging!!!) and some stressed out bouncers held back the line for a while but once you were on the inside service was great and there were lots of PUK staff on board to help get you set up for the weekend.

FREE before 11pm and £5 after...you can't really go wrong with that whichever side of 11pm you decide to reach but our advice is reach early and avoid the queues and get the carnival jamming started early !!!!

-Posh Juice

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>> View PoisonUK Next Level After Work Gallery
>> View Notting Hill 2010 Carnival Coverage