5 Minutes With BerbiceWhat's up guys? The TJJ girls were all smiles when we heard about Grenadian artist Berbice performing at Element "Caribbean Thursdays" and could hardly wait to hear the song "Traffic" (Grenada Road March 2007) live. If you haven't heard this chune, you must be mad!! This chune is bad, and is sure to be mashing up the road this year! Berbice even did a "Traffic (Remix)" with TnT's Shurwayne Winchester, which is also wicked.

The event, hosted by VP records, featured giveaways and yuh know we love free tings! Caribbean Thursdays featured all this plus a surprise performance by fellow Grenadian artist Pupa Lundi. We caught up with Berbice for 5 Minutes just before he was about to go onstage.

Ayana: So we are all very interested in the origins of your stage name "Berbice"?
Berbice: Well, it used to be Bobbies but too many people kept getting it wrong and calling me "Breast"(oh gosh!)
Ayana: (stifles laughter) Breast??!!
Berbice: Yes, so I went with Berbice, a town in Guyana I love.

Ayana: Being from Greenz, what is your favorite thing to do when you are home?
Berbice: Whenever I'm home, I like to go and eat local food and lime whole day on the beach.

Ayana: How do you feel about "Rock Cake"? (for the non Grenadians, Rock Cake is a small hard pastry cake, sold in local shops, it's wikid!)
Berbice: Oh, I love it and when I'm home I eat it about twice a week.

Ayana: Can you make a good Oil Down?
Berbice: (he laughs) Well of course! But I don't eat meat so I make my Oil Down with fish, it's my special recipe.

Ayana: Who are you jamming to right now?
Berbice: Blackie and Skinny Fabulous

Ayana: If you weren't a singer what would you be?
Berbice: I would be on the sea; the captain of a ship!

Ayana: What is one word to describe yourself?
Berbice: Cool! (TJJ agrees!)

- Text-a-holic Juice