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Approximately 800 people included students of the ""Shool of Rock"" to adults.
Celebs like Nigel Rojas, Joey Ng Wi, Michelle Xavier, Mike Ross, Richard Hall were Andrew Mc Intosh spotted

Even though the venue was partially covered the outdoor ambiance was very  present. Nice cool sea breeze.

11 competing bands to qualify for the Finals. $40,000 worth in cash and prizes. Good rock n roll music was in endless supply. Every band played their hearts out. The talent was unbelievable. The Judges had a tough job. Transition time between bands were short. There was no excessive waiting period between bands. The show finished at 12midnight as planned

The bar closed before the show finished.

Security and service were kind.

$100.00 worth every cent.

The show started 1 hour late but finished on time.

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>> View Anchorage Music Pop Awards 2010 Gallery