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Summer seems so swiftly to be coming to an end, and so it was with a bittersweet feeling that we donned our purple outfits and accessories and headed over to the Purple Reign Cribs Appreciation Party in Brooklyn.

You knew that this was a different party once you reached the dead end street: past the security gates was a long covered walkway, transporting you into another world. Over the arched entrance into the CPAC yard was a large silver helium balloon sign announcing that you had in fact arrived at Purple Reign. After being handed a mug which commemorated both Cribs and the Sshh Memorial Weekend Party, the venue was transformed into a purple wonderland! The yard was decorated in all different shades of purple, from deep purple to lilac, with stretched fabric across the fences, sparkly streamers across the bar and DJ area, and purple Chinese lanterns as far as the eye could see. It took me a long while to just absorb the decor- well done!

DJ Bird was in the house, serving up corn soup, bake & shark and jerk chicken. Bottles and drinks were flowing at a record pace. Shout out to Dem Boyz who kicked up the vibes with the slushy machine- was it a hint of johnny that I tasted? Thank you very much!

The music was pumping with Sounds for Life, Notorious, Anonymous and Back to Basics spinning the necessary reggae & soca to keep everyone swaying all night. The 2 girls on the DJ stage dressed in purple sparkly outfits and dancing the night away became a well-received conversation piece. Work it ladies! But the hi-light of the evening was definitely Swappi performing his hit “Nah Goh Play” and giving us a lil taste of his new song “Goosey Bumps”. Can you say “Pull Up!”?

The beautiful people were out in full force for this one, and I was gratified to see some faces that I had not seen all summer long. It was a lovely chill evening, easy to stand and chat and catch up a bit with old friends before heading into Labor Day weekend and all it's madness!

Natalie had this fete in appreciation for us, the party goers —but we want to say thank you to Natalie for having the Trini Jungle Juice crew in the place to be. All the best to you for a wonderful fete, and as always, looking forward to next year!
-Rasta Barbie

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