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"D Original Chocolate Mas ..."

Thirteen (13) years on and sun or rain, we can't stop the chocolate jamming!!!

For those of you that remember the first year with Pure Lime,  by now you will know there is nowhere else to be on Carnival Sunday! These are D original chocolate people...and year after year they just can't fail to bring the j'ouvert vibes to the streets of London. Forget afternoon tea on a sunday...it's time to get dutty!!!

Weather forecast: wind and rain...ouch!!! Team TJJ mash up from Shipwrecked last night and can't reach Pure Lime on time for the doubles breakfast..sour!!! We seeing lots of people in long sleeves and long pants...hmmm...not the usual naked skin ready to be covered in chocolate mess!!!

So for Pure Lime virgins, here's the deal...get yourselves a t shirt, get down to Latimer Road tube early on Sunday morning, get drinking, get dutty and feel the vibes... Today there was only one way to beat the tempertaure... wine, jam, jump, climb a bridge..and drink plenty plenty Rum!!! Trust me it all happened today !!

This is now the second year as an all inclusive band and Pure Lime stuck to their word and kept the price at just £40....don't be fooled by cheaper alternatives, this is the real deal... food, drink, soup at the end, great music and good service. Doubles for brekkie, pelau for Lunch and corn soup at the end was just the ticket on this cold Summer's day!!The wristbands were designed with pull off tabs for each treat included as per last year... snap off the right piece whenever yuh ready!!! Today's weather meant you might want to keep your soup tab safe before you lose it!!!

13 years A.C ( After chocolate) it get's more and more chocolicious...so here's TJJ's recipe for Chocolate success:

The Good old fashioned chocolate cake...

They say that if something aint broke, don't fix it and there are some things that Pure Lime get right time and time again and we don't want you to ever change that recipe!!
Ingredients: loyal patrons, organisation and good networking. Mix in the familiar faces pouring the chocolate(no need to worry about the pervs girls!!!) Stir those ingredients in with a fun loving 'family' run band that want nothing more than to please their patrons and have a ball getting dutty in the streets of London. It doesn't need to be much more, don't forget the chocolate hand prints all over the sexy bodies...and a pinch of sweetness in the form of eye candy goes a long way too!

The Chocolate Overload...

Now this is the desert you look forward to, maybe with too much anticipation but the clue's in the name, you got to be careful to get this recipe right!!! We are not sure if it was the cold weather, the rain or the earlier start but the alcohol couldn't quite keep up with the Pure Limers in the band and was an essential ingredient that ran out a bit too soon...Having said that we think some people had already had quite enough!!!!

There seemed to be some regulars missing though, maybe a recession beating non inclusive price might draw back some essential pure Limers for 2011??

The Rich Chocolate Decadence...

You know what this means, this desert is borderline too exciting so don't be greedy!!!... Get the delicate ingredients right and what you are left with is pure chocolate heaven!!!

Most important ingredient: VIBES...you can never add too much, this is the essential part of the chocolate decadence!!! Add in some sexy Ladies in carefully customised T shirts ready to get dutty, mix carefully with a man climbing a bridge, a girl doing the splits and some pumping tunes...After a while add in the drunken sailors with buckets of more chocolate just before the stage, make sure everyone's hands are on the ground with all bumcees in the air!!! Throw in an amount of snacks and an organised Lunch en route. (Here's a band that took on feedback from 2009 and made it work). Blend carefully with a diverse crowd, some kiddies in baby Pure Lime T-shirts and some pure Limers still in the belly... that's right even the pregnant pure Limers can't miss this!!! Don't forget Mr Motivator with matching socks and hair aka: The Band Leader and King of the Lime...add more vibes, more fresh chocolate, take us on an old school trip with the music then bring us back to 2010...keep adding vibes, vibes, vibes....

After several ours, make sure plenty people fall over with too much alcohol, then warm them up with corn soup back at the camp!!! Voila...chocolate decadence to die for!!!

We said it last year and nothing changes...Notting Hill is not Notting Hill without Pure Lime!!! LET THERE BE CHOCOLATE we can't wait for Pure Lime XIV!!

TJJ = official Pure Lime chocoholics...
Posh Juice

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>> View Chocolate Mas 2010 Part 1 Gallery
>> View Chocolate Mas 2010 Part 2 Gallery
>> View Notting Hill 2010 Carnival Coverage